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Beauty 101: Sunblock Basics For Summer

(cover photos from christyfrisbee)

We're in the midst of summer and we're all about the sunshine and the wonderful outdoors. But despite all the fun to be had during this season of play, there's one thing we never leave home without--sunblock (even when we only plan to be indoors the whole day).

The sun is one of the biggest causes of skin damage and it's definitely a must to have some form of sun protection in your skincare regimen. So whether you're out and about under direct sunlight or are cooped up indoors, never forget to layer on sunblock all over your body--especially on your face. 

Not sure which type of sunblock to pick? Our trusted expert Dr. Joyce Lim differentiates between the two types of sunblock in this skin tip video!

So which type of sunblock do you prefer? Let us know in the comment box below!

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