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Beauty Alert: How To Spot Fake Makeup

Beware, ladies!

Makeup is an investment, whether it's drugstore or high-end. This is why when we're offered a beauty deal that seems to good to be true, we are most likely to grab it. 

Remember when Kylie Jenner's first batch of lip kits came out and everybody just wanted to get one? It became a status symbol of sorts in the beauty industry, making many beauty addicts go to lengths to get their own set, to the point that there were bids on eBay rising to ridiculous amounts of dollars. So when online stores started selling these lip kits for half, and even a quarter, of the original price, people went crazy.

But it wasn't until people started stepping up to tell their own beauty horror stories that everybody started becoming more wary of fake makeup. So if you're fond of online shopping or buying from resellers, here are some tips on how to spot the fake from the not. 

The price can either be ridiculously cheap or ridiculously expensive

Extremes are never good. The philosophy applies to buying makeup. Always research the original price of the product before you consider buying it. If it's too cheap or too expensive, drop it from your online shopping cart.

Be keen on studying the packaging

Fake makeup manufacturers are getting better and better when it comes to copying original makeup packaging, but there are still bound to be differences. From the stickers being slightly off-centre to using different fonts and bearing misspellings, take all these as red flags when on the lookout for beauty finds. 

If it's not on the original list of products by the brand, then it's a no-go

Urban Decay Naked 4 and 5 eyeshadow palettes, a Kylie Jenner lipstick, a MAC multi-coloured lip and cheek tint — just when you think it couldn't get any weirder, the fake makeup industry also takes an initiative in creating new products under the name of well-known (and usually high-end) brands. But even if they say it's safe, who knows what they put in those products? So before you spend your moolah on these 'exclusive' buys, hit the search bars of beauty brands' websites and check whether they are selling a product like that or it's a faux 'limited release.'

(Cover photo from: InsideMakeupBeauty) 

*products in photo are authentic