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Beauty Chat: Laneige Collagen Drink

Collagen makes up 30 percent of total protein in the human body. It supports healthy skin, hair and nails, protects the joints and mucus membranes, as well as ensures strong, healthy bones. On top of that, collagen is also needed for supple, elastic skin, as well as the renewal of skin cells.

However, since the amount of collagen in the body decreases drastically after the age of 25, constant replenishment of collagen has become important for all-round health and wellness. So we were all enthused when LANEIGE came out with a Collagen Drink that's been formulated for quick absorption to give brighter and more well-hydrated skin.

A few of our Clozette Ambassadors were able to give this a try over a 2-month period and here's what they had to say about their experience!


Celine Chiam

"I do feel that my skin's luminosity has increased quite substantially. Of course I can't decide this is a result solely from the collagen drinks that I've been consuming so far, but I am pretty sure the diligent consumption habit does make a difference to my skin. I went for a skin diagnosis with my facial clinic about a week ago and my skin's hydration and elasticity has improved a lot, and don't forget providing suppleness to the skin is one key attribute from collagen drinks. Previously, I have a lot of blemish marks on my skin, especially the forehead and I can tell they heal up very fast this time round."

Ena Teo

"With the intake of LANEIGE Collage drink for a month, my skin is visibly more hydrated than before, especially when I wake up after a night’s sleep. Usually my skin will be dehydrated even when I put my usual moisturiser, so I will usually prep my skin with facial mask or sleeping mask the night before. Now with the intake of LANEIGE Collagen Drink at night, my facial skin has become hydrated from within. Also, I was worried that I might gain weight because the LANEIGE Collagen Drink tastes like a dessert, thankfully I didn’t experience any weight gain and that’s because it has the lowest calories at only 105KJ."

Kymm Liang

"Prior to drinking collagen, I would describe my skin as combination-oily (oily in the t-zone), and acne prone. It was slightly lackluster. 5 and a half weeks later, I find my skin to be slightly more taut, and a little more radiant. Almost looks like a glow from within! My favourite way to consume this is to mix it with a glass of juice (vegetable or fruit) to dilute it as it can be a little concentrated. If you’re a salad person, try using this as a salad dressing (way healthier than thousand island)!"

Roanna Tan

"Surprisingly after 1.5 months of diligent consumption, I do see actual improvements to my skin, namely improved radiance and skin elasticity as my skin felt firmer and brighter! Keeping my skincare routine constant so as not to affect the results, I felt that my skin visibly became more glowy (not oily) which made me look healthier. I say my skin became more radiant because I can really notice that it doesn't look as dull and tired as before, especially with no makeup on!"

Sydney Ho

"The taste is amazing! It tasted like grape yakult flavour to me. It provided me with the radiance and glow I needed for my tired skin! It did not plum me up horizontally but yet gave me a slightly more 3D look to my face! I am not exaggerating because I did feel like the plumpness went to the right places this time. LANEIGE focuses on quality and I believe it is because their products have worked wonders for me even with their small sized bottles and quantity. "

Have you given the LANEIGE Collagen Drink a try? Let us know in the comment box below!

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