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Forget the diamonds ladies, we now have a new best friend that’s also small and handy but doesn't cost an arm and a leg — face masks!

These beauty sheets, whose popularity seemed like a gift from our Korean sisters, are instant lifesavers especially if you spent the evening having more drinks than you intended or binging on the “Somebody Feed Phil” series on Netflix (which basically got you so hungry you couldn’t sleep!). Face masks are especially useful to girls who are too lazy busy to properly wash, tone and moisturise.

These “instant facials” are an instant pick-me-up and could do wonders to skin that’s been exposed from harmful elements both chemical and natural. Not only that, but face masks also make it easier for one to use makeup, making them the perfect primer which delicious effects last for days. 

But with all the choices that we have in beauty bars, salons, health and beauty stores and favourite online shopping portals, one is bound to be confused as to what face mask we should truly choose. Well, we’re here to make things easier for you ladies. Ready for a home facial? Try out these beauty sheets.

Tony Moly Tomatox White Massage Pack

Tomatoes are known for their amazing skin benefits like preventing signs of skin ageing, tightening pores, promoting glowing skin and acting as a natural sunscreen via its main ingredient, lycopene. So it comes as no surprise that this fruit (often mistaken as a vegetable) is being used as an ingredient for a facial sheet. Tomatox is said to contain lemon and balcha extracts that help brighten one’s skin in need of an instant boost.

Leaders Insolution Snail Therapy Skin Clinic Mask 

Nursing skin that’s experiencing minor breakouts and blemishes? This face mask is for you. This beauty sheet has a powerful ingredient that sounds gross at first but is also proven to be effective when it comes to our complexion’s cellular repairing needs. Use it regularly and see your skin become clear.

Innisfree Skin Clinic Madecassoside Mask

This facial mask acts like a first aid sheet for skin that suddenly experiences hormonal breakouts and sudden redness. This is because the cotton sheet contains madecassoside, which can help soothe irritated skin that’s prone to dryness. This face mask is also known to help strengthen the skin and protectit from free radicals that make the skin irritated.

Innisfree It's real squeeze mask-kiwi 

This is one facial that’s easy on the budget — Innisfree It's real squeeze mask-kiwi is an affordable option that can give our face a much-needed lift. It contains Golden Kiwis that are known to help clear and moisturise your skin and has a Jeju green complex that combines green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchids to your skin healthy.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

If you’re looking for a face mask that could provide you with an intense facial makeover then Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is the product for you. Its main ingredients, Bamboo Charcoal and White China Clay, are known to be powerful ingredients that help unclog pores and remove pimple-causing elements that often plague our face.

SK II Facial Treatment Mask

Got enough to splurge? You won’t go wrong with SK II Facial Treatment Mask. This “cult favourite” is known for its intense hydration. This mask doesn’t scrimp on the promise — it is packed with concentrated Pitera, SK II’s signature beauty formula. It is known to give skin a brighter glow and leaves your complexion extra smooth.

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With the launch of many new beauty products, giving the OG brands a serious run for their money, we as consumers are definitely having some "which one do I pick" moments. But we say, let go of the confusion and keep scrolling to find out your new favourite beauty brands, thanks to the recommendations by the Clozette Community.

Pores Away

Pores Away

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Acne Clearing

Acne Clearing

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End your week with a bang with the freshest news on the block. From Singapore Stories coming back for its second year to the Song-Song couple's divorce affecting South Korea's stocks, we sum up and spill all the deets in today's Insider Roundup. 

'Spotlight: Singapore Stories' Year 2

Spotlight: Singapore Stories, an initiative by the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF), is celebrating its second year this 30 July 2019 (Tuesday). With its aim to raise awareness and highlight works of Singaporean designers, it puts the focus on seven fashion creatives this 2019, bringing a much-anticipated capsule collection to the table. Here's a peek at what you can expect from this year's event. 


Cue in "Oh. My. God" in Janice's voice as TBS teased something brewing for FRIENDS fans this September. The beloved TV sitcom, which aired for a decade — from 1994 to 2004 — is celebrating its 25th anniversary a couple of months from now and by the looks of it, the Central Perk gang is in with the surprise. Are you excited?

The impact of the Song-Song divorce on stocks in South Korea

K-drama fans all over the world are still devastated about the Song-Song couple's divorce even after weeks of its initial announcement. But it seems like with the finality of the separation process, brands and agencies related to both halves of the Descendants of the Sun reel-to-real couple were also affected — both good and bad — with some after-effects.

It was reported that Studio Dragon, the agency in charge of Song Joong-ki's latest Netflix series, The Arthdal Chronicles, closed 1.29 percent lower the previous day when the divorce was announced. Blossom Media & Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Joong-ki's agency Blossom Entertainment, also suffered a 2.4 percent decline. On the upside, brands the former couple represent individually have been seeing an increase in their sales.

Jaclyn Hill returns to YouTube to talk more about her brand's lipstick controversy

A couple of months ago, fans of YouTuber and beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill expressed dismay and disgust over her latest lipstick line due to the presence of hair and other contaminants in almost every tube. Hill has then released an apology video disclosing the production details of her products, but many people still didn't buy her excuses.

Now, after a month of silence, she comes back to YouTube talking about her "failed launch." In summary, she committed to pouring more efforts in creating a new quality control team and system to avoid any more sanitary mishaps within her brand. 

Forever21 in hot water after sending diet bars to plus-sized customers

Fast-fashion brand Forever21 angered U.S. customers when orders for plus-sized pieces came in the mail with diet bars. The public immediately called out the action, saying that it's a step backwards from body positivity and might even trigger those with body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

In the brand's defence, they said that the inclusion of the product was promotional and was sent to online customers of all sizes as a free sample. Still, Forever21 apologised for the wrong message they might have sent to their consumers, pledging to rethink the repercussions of their actions as a fashion brand moving forward. 

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