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A legendary makeup product and a must-have for all women looking for a loyal beauty partner for every occasion, CHANEL's Rouge Coco lipsticks have been revamped with the latest release of its Ultra Hydrating range. The multifaceted lipstick that embodies sensuality, joy, and radiance is re-formulated for even more gentleness, comfort, radiance, and melt-away quality. 

It comes in 29 new shades with hydraboost complex that ensures lips are dressed in a supple comfortable veil while intensely hydrated and nourished. The result: plump, smooth lips. Perfect for any occasion, whether it be work, brunch-date, or a formal affair, CHANEL's Rouge Coco promises exquisite colour and texture for a truly luxurious feel. 

Clozetter, Pauline Thum, recently got to give it a try and created three signature looks for the weekend. Armed with the colours 416 Coco, 434 Mademoiselle, and 444 Gabrielle, here are the looks she came up with! 


Look #1: Keeping It Simple

"The first look from the range was done with the 434 Mademoiselle, one of my all time favourite colours as it's slightly mauve with a rosy-nude undertone. I love this lip colour as it can be carried with minimal make up or with a slightly smokey eye look. It's a my-lips-but-better, with the extra shine brightening up a bare minimal-makeup look.

I love the new texture as it felt nourishing and glides on the lips easily, with a texture almost similar to a lip balm but with amazing colour pay-off. It also has a beautiful plumping effect that doesn't feel harsh at all on my lips. It contains ingredients such as Mimosa, jojoba, and sunflower plant butter which help create the added plumping effect."

Look #2: Casual Day Out

"For the second look, I opted for a brighter colour perfect for a casual weekend outing. I used 416 Coco lip colour with a light makeup base to even out my skintone and a thin application of black eyeliner and mascara for a fuss-free eye look. 

The 416 Coco shade is slightly orangey-pink which suits fair Asian skintones and adds a pop of colour to the face without being too over-the-top. It's an easy colour to pair with your everyday makeup look."

Look #3: Bold & Intense

"For my final look, I decided to go bold with the 444 Gabrielle. I have always been pretty cautious with red lipsticks and reserve it for days when I want to be a little bolder and daring with my makeup. However, you can never go wrong with a red CHANEL lip colour, so I wasn't at all surprised with how much I loved this lip colour on me.

The colour is pretty intense and the texture is very smooth and glides so easily on the lips. Its shine and intense colour definitely add a touch of glamour to any look--very luxurious! This is a colour perfect for attending events, weddings, or a night-out with my girl friends."


Overall, CHANEL has impressed yet again with this ultra hydrating range of their iconic Rouge Coco lipsticks. There's a reason why this lipstick line has been a mainstay in the makeup collection of beauty lovers everywhere--it is luxe and hydrating with a beautiful colour range that suits a variety of skintones and makeup looks.



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(cover photo from auracharisse)

You feel sticky, the air is humid, the days are longer, and the sun seems to be brighter than usual. That can only mean one thing: Summer is here. Summer may be one of the most anticipated seasons of the year because of all the outdoor activities and summer trip possibilities, but it's also one of the most harmful seasons for your skin due to the harsh sun and prolonged sun exposure.

Before you step outside and enjoy the rays of summer during your much awaited summer getaway, don't forget to pack these 5 essential skincare products. Your skin will thank you afterwards. 



(photo from SamanthaJoy)

You can forget your hat and sunnies; but you should never forget your sunblock lotion! Your sunblock lotion has SPF that will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It's best to apply an hour before sun exposure so you can maximize its benefits, and then re-apply throughout the day. 

Products With Aloe Vera

(photo from Syaferia)

Aloe Vera is your best-friend after you've stayed out in the sun too long. It's the go-to ingredient for sunburn mishaps, treating and cooling your skin with extra TLC. The gel of the Aloe Vera plant reduces inflammation and removes the stinging and pain caused by the burning of skin tissue. So yes, your summer skin will absolutely love this. 


(photo from loveforskincare)

For sun-exposed skin, you may want to stay away from alcohol-based toner as its harsh formula may damage your skin further. Stay on the safe side and buy a more delicate toner, preferably one that is water-based and made for the hot climate. 

Tinted Moisturizer

(photo from Enabelle)

Summer is the best time to flaunt your natural beauty, so opt for a tinted moisturiser instead (or a BB cream) to keep your skin glowing and moisturised throughout the day. The key to having a fuss-free summer trip: wear minimal makeup. This will keep your skin from feeling too heavy and greasy against the sun and humid air.

Whitening Lotion

(photo from Genzel)

Sun-exposed skin get dry and flaky, so never ever forget to put on lotion. Despite the humidity, your skin still needs to stay hydrated and supple. If you don't want to get tanner than usual, use a whitening lotion with SPF to maintain your skin's fair radiance without having to miss out on outdoor summer activities.