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Beauty Test: Dyson Supersonic

Dyson does beauty? Okay, let’s give it a spin.

When it comes to testing out anything beauty-related, count us in! After attending the Dyson Supersonic pop-up showcase in Singapore two weeks back, we knew we had to give the highly hyped Dyson product a try. Dyson does beauty? Okay, let’s give it a spin.

Dyson is big on technology, so the Supersonic is designed with its functionality in mind. After 103 engineers, 5 years of research and development, and numerous tests on its technology (they performed a heat damage test on over 1,000 miles of natural hair in all types of condition -- that’s equivalent to travelling from Singapore to Thailand by car!), this piece of beauty innovation is born. Mind you, it has even been tested to reduce stress on your arm as you blow-dry your hair. Design-wise: with its super-sleek form, let’s just say that the Dyson Supersonic could very well be the Chanel of hair dryers.

You probably have heard about the power of the renowned Dyson fan, but how does the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer fare? In our latest Clozette Beauty Test, we put the Supersonic to the test and compared it against a salon-standard hair dryer. 

Our verdict? While its price point of SGD $599 is a bit of a drawback for us, we are pretty much sold by the other factors. Our favourite factor of all? It significantly cuts down hair drying time -- without making us feel like our hair has experienced the wrath of the Sahara desert thanks to its intelligent heat control technology. Want to know more? Watch our review in the video above!


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