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Beauty Treatments You Should Leave To The Experts

Don't DIY it!

Once upon a time, on-fleek and flawless looks can only be achieved by professional makeup artists and glamorous mani-pedis are only made tediously by certified nail technicians — but not anymore. The emergence of beauty Instagrammers and vloggers paved the way into a whole new world of DIY-ing.

Because of this, us 'normal' folk also believed in the illusion that such perfection can be achieved without the help of experts in the hopes of saving some moolah on paid services, but alas, it usually takes a wrong turn for us to realise that some treatments are not meant to be done at home and spending extra on getting them actually makes more sense

So to avoid any more beauty disasters like wiry orange hair or painful and crooked acrylic 'tips, we list down beauty treatments that are best left to the experts. 

Bleaching your hair

Dyeing our naturally dark Asian hair with fun colours usually require bleaching — a lot of it. And because of how expensive it is to achieve the perfect blonde as either the base or the actual hair colour you're gunning for, heading over to the nearby beauty supplies shop and doing it by yourself really does sound tempting. But learn from a lot of DIY-bleachers when they say that it can cause irritation and irreversible damage to your hair when not done right. So we say either save some moolah for better chances of not butchering your hair and scalp or stick with more natural tones that work with your dark hair.  

Getting acrylic nails

Unless you're someone who has dedicated most of your life and passion into nail tech, like popular YouTuber Simply Nailogical, trying out acrylic nails for the heck of it is not the best idea. Sure, they're pretty and long-lasting if you get them right, but it takes a lot of practice and precision to work on acrylics before they dry down into a plastic-like texture that literally takes a tub of acetone and hours of soaking to get off. Not to mention how painful they can be and how deep they can dig into your nailbeds when not done correctly. 

We suggest sticking to regular manis and pedis or try gel polish instead since they are more manageable and less damaging even when done at home. 

Multi-step facials that require layers of acids

Your usual deep-cleanse-clay-mask-combo may be a great at-home activity, but going beyond extraction, deep exfoliation, and peels in one go should be done with caution. Research can only do you justice when it comes to recommendations and tips, but having an expert to monitor which acids and beauty substances you layer during your multi-step facial is still the best way to go. 

Anything that's injected

A lot of beauty products emerge left and right, and while some of them actually work, there are some that need a double-take. For instance, any treatment that requires a syringe and a super-complex substance name should be done in a certified beauty clinic — not your bedroom! 

Anything that requires puncturing the skin

We all dream of waking up with our brows on fleek. And a lot of people started resulting to microblading for a more semi-permanent effect. However, with the treatment not exactly easy on the pockets, there are people who took matters into their own hands and decided to try to copy the procedure at-home. While there are fair cases of successes and fails, we suggest that going for the safer route is the best way to go. Similar to how at-home piercings can easily go wrong and cause an infection, these more complicated methods that involve puncturing your skin should be something you should not compromise on.