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Beauty Trends You May Want To Miss Out On

We say 'pass!'

(Cover photo from: @missdeolmakeup)

Beauty is fun! Discovering new products and learning new tricks are just a couple of the things we love most about exploring the wonderful world of beauty. It's even more exciting because there seems to be a new trend coming out weekly. It can be hard to keep up sometimes, but we're still on the lookout for anything interesting.

While we find it amusing that many are eager to share tips and tricks, we found that some of them don't live up to the hype and others are even dangerous. Here are beauty trends you may want to pass up on.


Turmeric Mask

This trick has been practised by many for centuries now, but it was recently found out in a study that it's not exactly as effective as many believe it to be. Turmeric has been touted as a miracle worker for people with oily skin as it has antibacterial and oil-absorbing properties. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, however, found that the herb contains very little medicinal properties. So while it's not bad for you, it doesn't actually do much if at all.

Lash Enhancement Tattoo

Microblading was all the rage last year, but now it's the lashes that get the attention. A procedure called Lash Enhancement Tattoo aims to make your lashes look lush. The procedure is done by filling in the gaps between your lashes with ink. The result looks a lot like a tattooed eyeliner. While we encourage you to do anything you want, we implore you to refrain from doing anything extreme in sensitive areas of your face.  


Milk Of Magnesia For Oily Skin

Some people are hoping to stop their T-Zones from getting oily with the help of Milk of Magnesia. The laxative does a good job at keeping oil at bay, but using it for a long period of time can wreak havoc on your skin. Since its pH is quite basic, it can lead to skin troubles such as increased acne and contact dermatitis.

Toothpaste For Blackheads

Engaging in beauty-related activities is fun, and that's the reason why many are fond of DIY projects. Sometimes, though, our goal of finding things at home that can double as beauty products can lead to bad results. From the old myth that toothpaste can zap away zits overnight, we now see people using toothpaste as a mask for blackheads. Toothpaste has ingredients that are good for cleaning the teeth but may be too harsh for the skin, so it's best to reserve their cleaning powers for your pearly whites instead.


Cutting Eyelashes To Make Them Longer

This idea has been circulating for decades now, but the truth of the matter is, it's not true. Our eyelashes don't grow the same way like the hair on our head. It takes longer for eyelashes to grow back, so be careful about getting a pair of scissors near the hair on your peepers.