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How To Hop On The Beige Fashion Trend

Beige is never boring

Fashion is truly unpredictable, isn't it? Just when we thought that minimalism will be completely overshadowed by the unapologetically loud and colourful aesthetic of maximalism, we're proven wrong. While it's true that bright colours and fancy prints are on the rise, the beauty of elegant styling is still not lost and remains in vogue. We guess opposing trends can actually co-exist! These days, beige is the colour of choice for minimalist dressing. And what's not to love? It's versatile and totally chic. Ahead, some fresh tips on how to wear beige without being boring.

Shades of beige

Beige comes in many shades: cream, nude, tawn and so on. To create depth and make your minimalist ensemble more interesting, play with the different shades of beige. A foolproof way to mix and match beige is to select outerwear that's in a light hue and a bottom piece in a darker colour. Then, wear a top that's in black or white for a clean, visual break.

Pastel pairing

Remember when we said that contrasting trends can co-exist? Well, here's the evidence. Basic beige can look really good with subtle pops of pastels or even brighter shades. The key is to not overpower the beige. Think of additional colours as the seasoning to your ensemble rather than the main dish. As a rule of thumb, choose only two hues to add. For example, you can wear a bright top and a shoe or bag in another eye-catching shade.

Accessorise with metallics

A more elegant way to dress up beige is to incorporate metallics into the mix. Don't limit it to just jewellery; you can also explore using metallic belts and pinafores for light layering and shoes. For ideas on what metallic colours to use, we say gold and pearl cream colours with a light sheen are always great matches for beige. 

Don't discount prints

It's a common misconception to think that flamboyant prints such as leopard can make a minimalist outfit look tacky or offbeat. But that's not really the case at all; it's just a matter of learning the right placement. Usually, prints can look good as trimmings. This means wearing thin printed belts, layering printed tops or wearing detachable printed collars. All of the above will add pizzazz to your beige outfit without taking away its elegance.

Choose the right shade of beige

The best thing about beige is also its Achilles' heel. Yes, there are several variations of this hue, which makes it very versatile. But if you fail to choose the right shade for you then it would become a definite disaster. The wrong beige hue can easily wash out your complexion or make you look naked from afar. So it's a must to determine which shade is the best for your skin tone. For those with fair complexions, darker shades of beige like tawn and caramel are safe bets. And for those with neutral to deep skin tones, you can go for creams and sands. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Brands to shop from

Since beige is a wardrobe staple, you should only shop for quality ones that can last you for years. There are many brands out there that offer great options. Some popular ones include Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO which has wide selections of minimal beige clothing that are at an affordable price. If you want to splurge, we recommend checking out collections from Jil Sander and Issey Miyake who are both known for their clean and crisp designs made for the chicest of the bunch.

(Cover photo from: @songofstyle)

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