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There’s no better time to travel than the end of the year — when you have a lot less guilt about leaving your workload behind in search of some well-deserved rest and relaxation. However, choosing a destination is always tricky and if you’re the type who prefers to plan ahead, keep reading and you might just end up at one of these awesome spots to close off 2018. 

Chiang Mai

Thailand’s northern capital is a hotspot for festivals and holidays; New Year’s Eve is no exception. While things can get a little wild in bigger cities like Bangkok, you’ll be able to enjoy a different vibe in Chiang Mai at the candle-lit lantern ceremony. Locals and tourists alike gather to release paper lanterns into the night sky, creating a different kind of light show as they carry your wishes for the new year to the heavens.


If you find yourself in Tokyo on the eve of the new year, head over to Shibuya and soak up the energy of the crowd before the countdown begins. As one of the busiest districts in the city, Shibuya promises a good time as the bars and clubs will keep the party going long after the clock strikes midnight.


This city may be known for its congested roads and heavy traffic but this is the one time you’d want to be caught right in the middle of the action. Join the locals and enjoy a gorgeous fireworks show at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle. Snap a few photos with the iconic statue as well for souvenirs that you’ll be able to look back on in the coming years.

Hong Kong 

Victoria Harbour draws thousands of visitors every year and is extremely popular around the year-end festivities as this location puts on a fireworks display like no other. You have the option of taking a cruise to enjoy the lights and sounds from open water or simply admire the view against the Hong Kong skyline from land.

Ho Chi Minh 

The capital of Vietnam is usually teeming with foot traffic and vehicles but on this day, Nguyen Hue Walking Street will be motorbike free, allowing visitors to stroll along the street. The area will host a variety of vendors offering snacks and trinkets, as well as street performers for entertainment before the countdown to the main event.


Known as the unofficial downtown of Taipei, the Xinyi Commercial District is home to many shopping malls, a huge Eslite Bookstore and the Taipei World Trade Center. More importantly, this is also where the Taipei 101 stands, featuring famous fireworks show — a sight you’ll never forget.

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