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These Are The Best Celebrity Travel Tips

Take note, jet-setters!

While it can be fun for the most part, travelling still undeniably comes with a few hassles. As you leave your home to go on your trip, you leave behind parts of your everyday routine to make time for all the activities you have to do in your destination. That’s why we’ve compiled the best tips from itinerant celebrities so you can make the most out of your next getaway.


Keep it clean

Even before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle had been travelling a lot around the globe. Luckily for us, she used to chronicle her daily life on her now archived blog, where she gave us some advice for the next time we board a plane. According to her, it’s a must to give everything a quick wipe down — from the tray, the TV, and all the buttons on your seat — to keep yourself protected from unwanted germs.

Don’t forget your skin

Soaring up in the sky can be so unbearably dry and it makes your skin dull when you finally land. To keep your skin fresh and nourished through it all, follow this quick in-flight beauty routine Karlie Kloss shared on her YouTube. Now, you can relax like you're in a spa up in the clouds.

Stay warm yet chic

Wherever you go, “the key is to always, always bring a scarf,” according to Molly Sims. This trusty accessory doubles as a blanket to keep you comfortable in chilly places, and also adds an interesting element to your outfits. Scarves will lighten your load too, as you wouldn’t need to bring extra cardigans along anymore if you're heading to just slightly cool destinations.

Work it out

It’s quite tempting to put off your fitness routine when you travel. After all, you’re on a vacation and that means your body is on one as well. But this is probably doing more bad than good. For some, once they stop, it gets kind of difficult to get back on track. In an interview with Travel + Leisure, Lily Aldridge revealed a simple way to stay fit on the go. You don't even need to head to the hotel's gym as you can just use the water bottles from the rooms as weights for your arms.

Battle jet-lag

Lastly, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot shared with Vogue a sure-fire way to beat the ever-so-familiar nemesis of all globetrotters: jet lag. Aside from drinking water and staying hydrated the whole flight, she swears by the power of a freshly squeezed orange juice. The trick is to drink it as soon as you can after getting off the plane as Vitamin C is great for preventing travelling fatigue from catching up to you.

(Cover photo from: @karliekloss)