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Can we get a 'yes' when we say that planning trips may be exciting, but it can also be a pain in the neck? Sure, there's the idea that you have something to look forward to, but getting too caught up with tons of prepping can be stressful, especially when it comes to getting those Instagrammable OOTDs on point. 

So just in time for summer, we're giving you our best tips on how to travel in style. 


Look up the local fashion scene

Travelling, especially to countries that let you experience a whole other culture, is the best starting point when it comes to planning your #WanderlustOOTDs. From Parisian to Harajuku Street Style, take some inspo from their local fashion scene and give it your own twist. 

Keep your kicks in mind

Shoes play an important role in our lives in general, but it sure makes a significant difference to our travelling experience. Make sure you also consider comfort when it comes to selecting your trusty pairs for the trip to avoid ruining the moment with blistered feet. 


Consider the weather

(Photo from: Claireaudreylim)

Now, this is a useful advice when it comes to your trip in general, but it also gives you a whole lot of reference when it comes to fashion pieces you'll go for. Summer doesn't always mean 'heat' in some parts of the world, so if you don't want to be caught in shorts during a crazily breezy season, then make sure you look up the temperature of the area you're visiting during your travel dates. 

Take note of the culture

(Photo from: ElaineHeng)

As much as we always want to be fashion forward, keep in mind that cultural appropriation and respect towards the practices of the people you will encounter on your trip should be considered. And hey, we're not telling you to be too cautious to the point that you'll just opt out of fancy OOTDs overall — just remember that two important elements of travelling are immersion and embracing diversity, so even personal style has to reflect mutual cultural respect. 


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(Cover photo from: LUMINNEJ)

The day of hearts has already passed, but there are a lot of things we're still gushing over and are eager to know more about. If you're on the hunt for something to marvel at or try, here are some of the cool ones we spotted this week.


Grammys Glam 

Awards season is in full swing in Hollywood, and the most recent one that happened is the Grammys. Celebrities served great glam looks, but the ones we love were by Kelsea Ballerini, Charli XCX and Lea Michele. 

Selena Gomez x Coach 

Whether on the red carpet or just strolling around Los Angeles, Selena Gomez stuns with her looks. The singer-actress is bound to don more classy looks now that she's the new face of Coach.


Lipault x Ines de la Fressange

French and fashion are always a good mix. Case in point: The new Lipault collection created by French fashion icon, Ines de la Fressange. A manifestation of the model's penchant for clean lines and exquisite fabrics, the collection has an effortless style that everyone covets. 

Will you shave your skin? 

From cool and laid-back, we move to something a bit shocking from the world of beauty. There's a treatment called dermaplaning, and it entails shaving off your dead skin cells. Are you brave enough to try it?


Condom blender?

A few weeks back, we saw the rise of the silisponge. This week, all eyes are back on the Beauty Blender, but there's a catch: you wrap it with a condom. (Yup, a condom.) You have to wash off the lubricant from the condom before using it to wrap your sponge. By doing this, you're supposedly getting the benefits of using a makeup sponge minus the dirt.

Good job, Google!

To end things on a lighter note, here's a bit of cute news: A seven-year-old kid wrote a letter to Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, to ask for a job. Pichar replied to the girl, saying he thinks she just needs to continue working hard to get to her dreams and that he's looking forward to receiving her application once she finishes college.


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Filipino millennials grew up with quite a few brands — from a famous fast food chain that's gone global, a ubiquitous cosmetics line, and a number of hip fashion stores. Some have come and gone while only a few have withstood the test of time. One of the brands we’ve come to see grow and flourish is Penshoppe. From being a go-to place for basics, the brand, launched in 1986, has evolved into something fresher and cooler. And now, they've made something big — literally.

While they’re already present in most malls in the country, Penshoppe has opened its biggest store yet in Metro Manila. Situated at the UP Town Center, the brand's new branch, dubbed Penshoppe Capital, is hard to miss.

The store is well-lit and has a fun, fresh vibe. When you enter the store, you will be greeted by their fresh offerings of casual, on-trend pieces. 

In the middle of the branch is the Denim Lab, which offers a large selection of bottoms.

Walk a little further forward and you'll find yourself amongst their vast array of accessories — from caps to bags to shoes to wallets to scarves. The store also has a selection of fragrances.

There's also something for fan girls at heart. In recent years, Penshoppe has partnered with international superstars who embody the brand's aesthetics and overall feel. Fancy yourself an outfit sported by Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid or Sandara Park? You know where to go.


Stay on top of your style game with Philippine-made fashion pieces from Penshoppe Capital at the UP Town Center.