Best Travel Adventure: Perth Perfection | Clozette

Going to #Australia has always been in my to-do list for a long time. It doesn't matter which part of Australia, as long as I place my footsteps in the land Down Under, I'm happy. Having an extremely long holiday last weekend, we decided to pick to the nearest destination from Singapore to Australia and it had to be Perth. It didn't take us much time to get the flights and hotel sorted, thanks to my amazing planner! *I am so lucky*

After 4hour plane ride plus 2hour delay at the airport, we finally arrived in Perth city, just in time to pick up our car, head back to the hotel and get ready for dinner. It was almost 9 pm. The city was about to sleep as expected. Not many cars on the street and not many shops open. It was so quiet that I could hear the sounds of strong wind blowing through my ears. I was shivering in the cold weather, but the excitement kept me walking. 

We took a long walk to the Swan River where a couple of bars and restaurants opened till late. Quickly ordered our dinner 5minutes before the kitchen closed, I chose BBQ pork ribs made by the Australian chef. It was the best pork ribs I've ever tried and that simply made my night. 

I was told that this trip was nothing like the previous ones I've been. No sunbathing by the beach, sipping a glass of margaritas by the pool or shopping, it would be a real road trip from one town to another within Western Australia. 

I was all ready for it. But first thing first, I needed a cup hot chocolate and delicious breakfast to start my day. We didn't know which place we wanted to visit other than driving along the coastline and stopping whenever we wanted to. I looked at the map and picked a destination called City Beach, hoping that there would be some breakfast spots, cafes, or restaurants around. After a couple of detours, we were lucky enough to end up at Clancy's Fish Bar, a beautiful restaurant located at the most perfect location ever- right by the ocean. 

Hot chocolate on a cold and rainy day is always a good idea. 

The breakfast was delicious, but this view right here made it taste ten times better. 

I can't express exactly how I felt that time while looking at such a calm and picturesque scenery. A simple beauty of nature could always make my heart skip a beat. I wish I could capture the whale from the ocean into this photo. He swam back and forth a couple of times pretty near the shore. 

The rain stopped and it was time for us to move on. We kept driving along the coastline, heading toward the South, listening to the local radio, and feeling entertained by what we saw along the way. Sometimes, it's the row of identical houses in colonial architect that fascinated me. 

Other time, it's the vibrant red flowering gum tree that got me so excited about a photo opportunity. It added some colors to a gloomy day.

By the time we arrived at Fremantle prison, we realized that we had already traveled for 30minutes. It didn't feel that long. Fremantle prison is not what you think it is. Although the look can be quite deceiving, this is actually a famous tourist spot that is quite Instagram- worthy. We wanted to explore a few prison tours but didn't have time to do so as we still had 300km journey ahead. 

The only destination in my mind was Pullman Bunker Bay Resorts. I didn't expect it could take us so long driving through stormy rain, endless green farms, and mysterious forests to get there. But I guess this spacious room with an incredible view made up for the long journey.

My first two days in Western Australia were very spontaneous and unexpected like that. But the excitement was always up in the air. 

Can't wait to share with you what we did on day 3 and 4. 

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(photo from demmiefermin)

A few years back, white wasn't as popular as black. But nowadays, it seems that people have embraced white and its many stylish versions. Since the rise of the monochrome, basic, and laidback trends--white has been the go-to colour for any outfit. It's versatile and can make anyone look fresh in an instant.

To give you a lowdown on how to wear white according to your style, here are 5 no-fail pairings to choose from! 


Laidback Chic: White Polo + Denim Shorts

(photo from Itspaulatorres)

For those days you feel like taking a step back and letting the inner effortless chick in you take over, you can pair a classic long-sleeve white polo with denim shorts. It has the perfect balance of "chic" because of the polo's structure, and "laidback" because of the shorts' length and denim texture. A perfect off-duty look than can be dressed down with sandals or dressed up with heels. 

Boho: White Sleeveless Top + Maxi Skirt

(photo from Aggylow)

Flowy white sleeveless tops are perfect for that boho, gypsy vibe. Tuck it in a simple maxi skirt to make it look put together for formal events, or tuck it out for an more relaxed boho flavour. You can also experiment with flowy crop tops or off-shoulder tops for a feminine touch. 

Preppy: White Polo + Overalls

(photo from cassansaurusanaesi)

Go loco with the preppy style by matching your overalls with a structured white polo. It automatically makes you look sophisticated yet still very classy and fun all at the same time. Add a monochrome twist to it by pairing your white top with black pieces so the white can pop.

Feminine: Crop Top + Skirt

(photo from AprilNunez)

Make your crop tops look classy by paring it with a chic, high-wasited A-line skirt. It will flatter your upper body shape without showing too much skin. The skirt also adds a touch of femininity to the look--just make sure it's not too short to keep the look sophisticated. Experiment with bejewelled necklaces and other skirts to infuse your personal style to it. 

Boyish: White Shirt + Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

(photo from Anagon)

Borrow from the men's section for a change and make it your own! Pair your crew neck, or v-neck shirt with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans for an edgy, boyish style. For an added sporty touch you can wear your trusty white sneakers or go the femme route with a pair of fierce lace-up heels. 



If you gather all our Clozetters from The Philippines, you'll have one big OOTD party and a day full of giggles and selfies. That's exactly what happened last weekend during Gathergram's big meet up and shopping bazaar. And since they all looked stunning, we decided to highlight their looks for this week's OOTD Roundup! 

So without further ado, here are the top 5 OOTDs that made it in our list this week!  




AaliyahBenisano is one Clozetter to watch out for. This actress, model, and blogger has such an elegant style that a simple top and jeans combinations looks like a million bucks already! We love the touch of the Flare pants as well-- a great way to mix it up a bit for a chic off-duty look.  



We just can't get enough of Clozette Ambassador DebbieFermin's polished girl-next-door look. The powder blue and white colour match is perfect for the humid weather and the skirt is just flattering, simple, and perfect for the whole look. 



Clozette Ambassador cameyflores has such a unique style that only she can pull it off. This look in particular rocked our socks off as it's girly, sporty, and edgy all at the same time. 



NelleCabanban is one Ambassador that sticks to feminine and sophisticated pieces. Her off-shoulder crop top, high waist culottes, and nude heels is such a dreamy combination. Plus, her makeup here is on point--as always. 



Another feminine look we loved is this girly OOTD from Clozette Ambassador DanaDecena. We love how she played with soft pink hues and nude blush pieces--finishing off the look with eye-catching, chunky accessories.