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Borneo is the largest island in Asia, shared by three countries, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei with more than 70% of the land belonging to Indonesia. 

My travel mates and I have just completed our descent from Kota Kinabalu the day before and were ready to explore the wonders Borneo has to offer. 

But first, lunch the local way was tasty Tom Yam seafood noodles and Chinese wine noodles which was extremely satisfying and a great start to our day.

We spend the afternoon exploring the town of Kota Kinabalu in markets and craft centres and ended the day by the beach watching the setting of the glowing sun before ending the day with a sumptuous seafood dinner.

A quick 10 mins boat ride from Kota Kinabalu town brings one to the Gaya Island, which is home to a diverse marine life and clear turquoise water. We were welcomed to the island loud sounds of crickets and clear turquoise waters at Gaya Island Resort, our accommodation for the two days.

We checked into our cozy suite on the hill with a partial view of the sea. The suite was spacious and extremely inviting that we could have stayed in the room for the whole day. However, many activities available at the resort got us very interested and we changed into our beach wear and headed for lunch to a private island of Gaya Island Resort.

On the private beach, known as Tavajun Bay, there was a hut where lunch was prepared and deck chairs out on the soft white sand. We laid on the deck chairs while waiting for our lunch to be prepared and served. After lunch we explore Tavajun Bay a little more before taking the boat back. 

A visit to the award winning spa was nothing less than divine as it took away all the aches and fatigue of my muscles from the Kota Kinabalu climb. The lush serene surroundings and clean fresh air will definitely relax even the most stressed out individuals.

The next destination was to the Indonesia section of Borneo, Banjarmasin. River City, is also the name of this city which is located at the delta of two rivers. Banjarmasin had its early settlements along the river banks since 1529 and has since developed into a busy city with buildings and malls. 

Today, there are much lesser citizens living along the river side and they are usually of lower income as they cannot afford land in the city Living along the river meant that they could just build their own house with wood they bought.

Despite not having much financially, they were very happy and enjoyed themselves often hearing chatters and laughters as we traveled along the river. Not to mention, very friendly to tourists too, waving enthusiastically and shouting their boisterous Hellos to us.

This trip to Borneo has brought me to the heights of the Mount Kinabalu , the depth o of the beautifully conserved marine life of Gaya Island and the warm and welcoming gestures of the Indonesians in Banjarmasin

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The 2015 Grand Prix Season in Singapore heralds the return of the fourth instalment of Sky Grandé Prix. A collaboration between marketing agency Vanilla Luxury and lifestyle group Massive collective, this year's Sky Grandé Prix is set to be bigger and better!

Sky Grandé Prix will be a total F1 takeover of all areas across level 45 of Singapore Land Tower--Empire, Patio, Angie’s, and Sear--with each featuring a different genre and offering the ultimate setting to party the night away with a 360 degree view of Singapore city skyline.

Sky Grandé Prix will run from 16th to 20th September offering the only 5-day extravaganza for revellers at this year's this FORMULA 1.

Here's a rundown of the parties you can look forward to:

September 16, #GirlsNightOut: The most luxurious ladies night hosted by Bobby Tonelli, with a chance to win a diamond worth $20,000--hidden in your lychee martinis! 

September 17, Fast & Fashionable: Fashion party headlined by Foxtrot Fashion House.

September 18, Luxe Infinity: Featuring a REV Magazine Supercar line-up where you can celebrate infinite love for all things F1 with partygoers and partners such as GTR Club Singapore and Sports Car Club.

September 19, Dragon-i, HK takeover: Featuring Remy Kersten, Dragon-I is the place to be for Hong Kong’s chic, gorgeous, cosmopolitan party crowd, as well as the first stop for classy, jet-setting international guests. 

September 20, Dastardly Brunch F1 Edition and Grand After Party: Complete the Sky Grandé Prix experience with a brunch high above the racing fervour. 

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We like our cars the way we like our lippies--glossy or matte.

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Shopping is not a mindless activity. It reflects how well you know your style and how great you are at decision making (and running around snagging the best deals). Buying things isn't cheap as well, so you have to know which are worth all that hard work you went through. 

So here's an adage to keep in mind: the value of your clothes is measured by the number of times you wear it, how versatile it is, and how it fits on your body. It should fit all those criteria before you splurge. 

To help you out, here's a list of 5 things you can do to be a better shopper starting now!


Know Your Size and Stay True To It

(photo from marieanjelica)

Knowing your size is the top priority when you're shopping for clothes and shoes. If something doesn't fit you well in certain areas, don't be afraid to go 1 size up or down. You're the customer and you deserve something that fits you well.  Besides, not all body types are the same, embrace yours and stay true to it. 

Go Beyond The Looks

(photo from Klaopin)

Don't be easily swayed by the salesperson or your shopping friend who says "that looks good on you," because everything can and will look good on you if you know how to carry it. When choosing an item feel the texture of the fabric, is it worth it or is it just an expensive version of something else you had in mind? 

Know Your Style

(photo from iamaly)

That moment of long decision making before you finally make it to the cashier is often caused by you not knowing your style well. Before you shop, think of what your style is, which colours look good you, which designs you like, your celebrity icons, and which pieces flatter your body most. From here, you can easily decide between similar pieces of clothing. (So, will it be that denim A-line or that denim skater skirt?)  

Think Long Term

(photo from cassansaurusanaesi)

Buying something is a commitment. If you buy this item, are you really going to use it? How often will you use it? Here's the basic principle: if it's a trendy piece that resulted from an impulsive urge to shop, chances are you're not always going to use it. If it's a timeless piece, you're most likely to use it again and again, regardless of fashion trends. These are the type of pieces you should be buying.

To Splurge Or Not To Splurge?

(photo from christyfrisbee)

It an item comes with a hefty price tag, you better think long and hard if it's something you would wear constantly or if it's just a trendy item for the current season. If you don't see yourself wearing it for long, try to see if you can spot a similar style from a cheaper brand. But if you feel it's truly worth the splurge and can remain a timeless classic, go ahead and rest in the fact that a timeless piece will end up being cost-effective in the long run because it's an investment that will last a lifetime.