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Best Travel Adventure: You Can Never Go Wrong In Paris


As a kid I'd always dream of traveling around the world. Most especially if it's Paris. The first time I saw the Eiffel Tower it gave me chills and butterflies in my stomach. I can't explain exactly what I felt because It was a dream come true! Never imagine to be here for real. That's when I realize that you can achieve your dreams if you have the courage to pursue them no matter how hard it is.

The city is filled with love and passion. You can never tell how beautiful and romantic Paris is until you see it yourself! you can just lay on the grass all day watch the people walked by and just feel the atmosphere around. I also went to the highest building in Paris in "Tour Montparnasse" where I saw the 360 degrees panoramic view of paris. It was so amazing.(a sense of relief) You can see how beautiful Paris from the top of it. After that i went to "Montmarte" and visit the Sacre - Coeur church or the Basilica of the sacred heart of paris and prayed for all the wonderful blessings that I received in life. The food and wine are nice as well. I can say that It was really the authentic red wine from Paris. Don't also forget to taste their cheese because it's the bomb! 

There is still a lot of things you can do and see, for me everything is worth the picture taking because the architecture and the buildings are well preserved and well designed. It was the best adventure that I've done so far in my life and I will treasure it forever. These are the kind of experiences that are worth to tell and I can say that  You can never go wrong with Paris. 

P.S designer bags are way more cheaper in Paris as well. happy shopping ! :) 

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