Best Ways To Style Your Hair When It's Rainy | Clozette

No matter the season, it can be hard to get luscious locks that are on point. So imagine how extra the hassle is having to deal with precipitation, wild breeze, and even dripping wet weather. But don't fret! If you've been having trouble keeping your hair in good shape for the rest of the day because of the crazy weather, we're sharing amazing and easy hairstyles that will look good even amidst the rain.

Deconstructed ponytail

You know what they say: if you can't beat them, join them! The same goes for your hair. With the weather looming over your daily look, opt for a messy but still elegant and classy ponytail. It's better than a sleek and polished one that would look limp and textureless when hit with water. 

Classic French Braid

The weather gives our hair a tendency to be frizzy. So to keep those annoying wisps at bay, this classic look is the best way to go. 

Gibson Tuck

Busy day ahead? Get your hair out of the way with this sophisticated 'do. It gives your hair a nice polished look without taking away texture or body from your crown, and it also does a great job tucking away the frizz caused by the weather. 

Faux Waterfall Headband

If you're actually liking the volume and texture your hair is getting because of the weather, just try to keep the unruly top part of your hair in place with this hairstyle. It lets the hair maintain its natural body but still keeps the look clean and controlled with the faux headband, making it perfect even while working through a tight schedule.

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We love tea (just look at the Singapore and Malaysia legs of our annual get-together with our Community). But more than drinking it we also love to use it in our beauty regimen. Here are just some of the ways our Community has been enjoying their tea-infused products.

For troublesome skin

For nourishment

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When it comes to makeup primers, the opinion in the beauty community is quite divided. Some say that primers are not needed and are just an additional fancy step but for some, it's their holy grail makeup product. Now, if you haven't tried one yet, hold your final judgement until you do.

Just a quick recap: most primers are usually made from silicone-based formulas. Its benefits include giving your skin a smoother appearance by filling in pores and blurring wrinkles, making your makeup last longer, and combating shine. Find out what the best primer for your skin type is and give it a try. Who knows? Maybe you'll be on #TeamPrimer after. 

For Oily Skin: Benefit POREfessional

One of the realities of having oily skin is that makeup slips off easily especially during hot, summer days. Investing in a good moisturiser and primer can improve makeup application and staying power; plus, it can also make your pores appear smaller. The Benefit POREfessional line is tailored for oily skin types. The POREfessional matte rescue gel is suggested to be applied before the POREfessional primer. But you can actually just use the primer by itself if you prefer. It's infused with a Vitamin E derivative that can help prevent pre-mature wrinkles by protecting skin from free radicals that breaks down the skin's collagen.

For Dry Skin: Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer

If you have dry skin, you need all the help you can get. So you may layer a lot of skincare products just to stay moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. With Smashbox's Photo Finish Primerizer, you can get both the hydrating benefits of a moisturiser and smoothening power of a primer in just one layer of this product. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful humectant that can hold skin moisture. On top of it all, the consistency is lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin.

For Sensitive And Combination Skin: Banila Co Prime Primer In Classic

For combination and sensitive skin, it's best to stick with a balanced formula that does not mattify nor hydrate skin too much. Banila Co's Prime Primer in Classic is a translucent gel that nails the perfect 'in-between' formula. Just dab a few drops of this product onto the skin to create a smooth canvas for your makeup.

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It's important to have a good makeup remover, too. Find out which one is the best for your skin type.