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From performances to event appearances, the girls of BLACKPINK are always serving amazing visuals and fashion moments. The girls were the talk of the town during the Paris and London Fashion Weeks last month. Not only that, but they’re also brand ambassadors for luxury brands such as CHANEL, YSL, Celine, and Burberry just to name a few. When they’re not on the clock, they’re travelling and exploring new places in style. No matter the occasion, they look good. Ahead, our favourite vacation looks from the ladies of BLACKPINK.

Parisian Chic Lisa

What is more Parisian chic than a long-sleeved black and white striped top? Lisa rocks this sequined sweater by pairing it with high-waist trousers that accentuate her frame. She keeps it simple with her makeup and hair, letting her waves cascade down her back to frame a natural makeup look. Perfect for a day exploring the City of Lights!

Lemon Lime Jennie

Lime green is quickly becoming the It colour of the year, so it’s no surprise that the trendy Jennie is seen rocking the colour at some point. She donned a cropped sweater cardigan with plaid pants that’s both simple yet eye-catching at the same time. Doesn’t she fit right in with this elegant library?

Rosé Among the Flowers

Rosé’s black-and-white polka-dotted dress is just plain cute. She went for a monochrome palette with her white sneakers and black purse as she toured around France. Plus, the background is certainly IG-worthy and makes us want to fly to Europe immediately.

Jisoo as the Lady in Red

One of our all-time favourites from Jisoo is this cherry red outfit from their Hawaii trip. With her pale skin, red lips, and cherry earrings, she’s giving us a whole entire theme. Her wispy bangs and high bun have us looking back on warm summer days of basking in the sun.

Pastel and Floral Dreams

The girls look like a dream in this photo from their 2019 Summer Diary in Hawaii. Lisa in her floral crop top and jean shorts topped off with a wide-brim hat looks perfect for sunny days while Jisoo’s cold-shoulder sundress looks fresh and light. Jennie’s long, billowing sundress makes her look ethereal and Rose’s teal blue romper has us thinking of music festivals. 

(Cover photo from: @blackpinkofficial)

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Seasoned travellers know fully well how much of a necessity outerwear is during getaways. They’re a lifesaver — whether you’re battling fluctuating temperatures in your destination or your get-up is in need of a boost, these pieces have got you covered (pun intended). While it’s easier for us to gauge by default what sort of outerwear to bring to a tropical country, it can be hard to decide what to bring to a place where there are more than two seasons. But worry not, if you’re travelling all year-round, here are some pieces we think could help you prepare for whatever season you might be facing. 

Snug and cosy

Travel outerwears should be lightweight like this beige Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Cocoon Jacket

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Travelling to experience the winter that we tropical folks aren’t blessed with? Make sure to pack cosy outerwear that can give you warmth in freezing temperatures. Unlike usual winter coats that are bulky and heavy, Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Cocoon Jacket is especially great for jet-setters as it’s compact enough to be packed into small pouches. Pairing it with a slim pencil skirt and high-heeled boots would give the puffer silhouette a touch of feminine elegance.

Statement coat

A woman wearing a plaid coat from Sandro

Sandro Fall – Winter 2019 coat, price unavailable

Don’t think you can survive the harsh winter but want to experience the chill weather anyway? No-fuss travellers who are exploring this fall don’t need to spend much time putting together their travel outfits. Simply bringing eye-catching outerwear would do. Enjoy a stylish fall getaway with this plaid coat from Sandro. With a chic printed outerwear like this, you no longer have to worry about what you wear on the inside. Layer it above some basics, and you’ll still stand out from the crowd.

Versatile cover

Beyonf The Vines Cropped Trench Jacket

Beyond The Vines Unified Unity Crew Collection Cropped Trench Jacket, SGD159 (beyondthevines.com)

When in doubt, pack a simple, plain jacket that can easily be paired with any statement piece. Go with something like Beyond The Vines’ cropped trench jacket. Aside from being versatile and casual, this utilitarian piece is perfect for almost any climate. You can even wear them in tropical places, granted that you do so in the second half of the year when it isn’t sweltering hot. Wear it over a bright sundress, and when it gets a bit too warm, feel free to take it off and tie it around your waist for a stylishly laid-back look. 

Multi-tasking must-have

Tove & Libra MVP Cardigan

Tove & Libra MVP Cardigan, SGD137 (toveandlibra.com)

Travelling light? Don’t forgo packing outerwear in your luggage. Instead, pick a multi-tasking cardigan that can be worn in many ways. This way, you can wear it multiple times during your trip without someone even noticing! Tove & Libra’s MVP cardigan is a sleek piece that’s perfect wherever you're headed. Whether you need to deal with the plane's cold temp or with your destination's chilly winds, this cardigan will save your day.


Woman wearing a white raincoat

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Lastly, if you’re facing gloomy weather in your destination, make sure to bring a trusty raincoat with you. A water-proof piece like Alpha Style Cori Hood Raincoat will get you ready for whatever greets you. Aside from adding a whole new dimension to your look, wearing a raincoat on your travels gives you the option not to bring an umbrella. Not only does this mean less baggage weight, but it would also make navigating through touristy crowds a breeze even when it pours.

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A quintessential piece in any wardrobe, denim jeans have become quite a classic, marking its everlasting presence in the fashion world. But as time changes, so do jeans trends. With many different cuts and styles now out in the market, it's hard to pick favourites. But fret not; let these trendsetters in the Clozette Community guide you when it comes to the best cuts to sport this season. 

(Cover photo from: Leannelow)

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