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This Flower Is Your New Secret For Brighter Skin

Bloom brighter with AHC Peony Bright

Roses are red, violets are blue, did you know peonies can reveal a more radiant you? As beauty lovers, our eyes are always set on the best ingredients. We’re sure you already have your favourites. But this flower might just be your new go-to for a coveted glow and brighter skin.

Peonies are not just pretty to look at but they’ve also been used in skincare for centuries. Their root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a cure for sallow skin. More recently, their efficacy in removing dark spots has also been studied and concluded to be true. Do you have to go around looking for peonies and brew your own skin potion? With the AHC Peony Bright range, you don’t have to. All products are made with peony essence extracted through Korean Ferment Technology that has five steps — ageing, moisture evaporation, essence extraction, ageing fermentation, and final enrichment — to ensure you get the flower’s potent brightening effects in just four weeks. Here’s how to harness peony’s powers in a skincare routine.

The range of products of AHC Peony Bright

Get a more radiant complexion with the AHC Peony Bright range

Step 1: Basic Care

Start with a clean, clear slate

First, for even and clear skin, cleanse and refresh your complexion with the rich foam from the Peony Bright Deep Cleansing Foam, which has been clinically proven to help remove dead skin cells. It’s effective in cleansing dirt and other impurities too. Made with mannitol, papain and bromelain, this cleanser clarifies the complexion. With the help of Pink Peony extract, this cleanser also helps give you brighter, younger-looking skin. Plus, it’s got pink microalgae that moisturise.

The complete AHC Peony Bright line

From start to finish — care that helps to brighten

Boost with a toner

Next, amp up your skin’s cleansed state and promote radiance with the help of the Peony Bright Clearing Toner. It’s clinically proven to help remove leftover residue, dirt and dead skin cells, giving your face the ultimate cleanse and a refined complexion. Aside from brightening Pink Peony extract, it also has fruit enzymes that gently exfoliate and kombucha and pink microalgae that moisturise the skin.

Step 2: Intensive Care

Let your light skin up

If luminous skin has always been on your list, next on your routine should be the fan-favourite Peony Bright Luminous Serum. Expect to reveal glowing radiance with this serum that’s been clinically proven to reduce skin pigmentation and improve skin tone in just four weeks. It has vitamin C derivatives (ascorbyl glucoside and ascorbic acid) and plant extracts that not only brighten but also clarify the skin. On top of that, it also contains propanediol, butylene glycol, glycerin and black tea ferment that will hydrate your dry and dull skin.

Harness the power of peony from this range

Bloom in just four weeks!

Put a stop on that spot

Glow with clarity next. Treat stubborn spots with the Peony Bright Spot Corrector, which has been clinically proven to reduce both small and large dark spots in four weeks. It has 3% niacinamide for brighter, more even-toned skin. It also has three plant derivatives that help in the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Plus, it reduces the distribution of skin melanin for a more even skin tone.

AHC Peony Bright Toning Up Cream

Brighten up and tone up with this cream and the other products in the AHC Peony Bright range.

Step 3: Complete Care

Glow up as you tone-up

Cap off your routine with a tone-up cream that is lightweight and easily absorbed, revealing hydrated skin that is plump and glowing. The Peony Bright Toning Up Cream — made with Pink Peony extract, vitamin C, kombucha and pink microalgae — instantly gives your complexion radiance that lasts for 24 hours and is clinically proven to brighten dull skin in four weeks, helping you permanently exude that glow.

Reveal your radiance with AHC Peony Bright. Get it here.