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Bloom In Pink With XIXILI

Blossom this Spring with NATASCIA's latest collection

For Malaysian brand XIXILI, the epitome of a modern woman is embodied in this graceful shade of Pink, that's why they made it the star of their latest Natascia collection called Blooming Pink-- a selection of body-loving and contouring lingerie.   

Designed with microfiber and intricate galloon lace, their latest collection is perfect for both elegant and everyday wear as it  sculpts your feminine silhouette. Leading the collections is the Pink Demi Bra-the perfect contouring bra built with centralization, high side panels, and supportive U-back. This bra provides for a 360° upper body contouring, great both for petite and fuller figured women. 

The second is the Body Contouring Corset that instantly trims inches off your body with this body loving corset. It's functional, yet comfy for all day, everyday wear! It's designed to give you an, hourglass shape and an all round uplifted effect without a compromise on comfort, we’d say go ahead and have a great shape day!