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Bloom With These Sweet Makeup Looks For A First Date

Looks for any type of mood

(Cover photo from: RUTHJAELJIMENEZ)

First dates are nerve-wracking. It doesn't matter if you've known the person you're going out with for a long time or they're someone you just met, the pressure to make a good first impression is on. Before you get overwhelmed with jitters, however, take note that you only need one thing: be yourself. But we're not going to discount the fact that preparation can help in making a good impression. We're sure you'd do well in the personality department, so we'll cover the exterior instead.

If you're stressing about what look to go for on your first date, here are some sweet ones that will surely make you look blooming.


Pink Perfection

If you're in a romantic mood, try following this makeup tutorial by Sona Gasparian. The pink and gold on her lids are definitely pretty. If you haven't perfected the winged eyeliner yet, you can forego it and this look will still be gorgeous. The pink gloss on the lips is a sweet touch, too.

Just Peachy

While pink is the colour that's often associated with romance, you can definitely veer away from it if you're more of a warm-toned kind of girl. Peach is a pretty hue to sport, too. You can even try a monochromatic peach look like this one made by Pony.


Glowy goodness


For a first date, you'd want to look glowy and well-rested despite your nerves. If you missed a couple of hours of sleep or if you're just one to hit the sack later than most, take a cue from KathleenLights and glow!  

Keep it light

Don't feel like doing an elaborate look? Go simple and enhance your features. Accentuate your eyes with a bronze product on the lid and pucker up with a pink lipstick just like what Jessica Clements did in this video.  


Go for bold

There are no rules for what to wear on your first date. Just be yourself. So if you're feeling bold, definitely go for it. Red is romantic and classic. Let your lips do the talking and don a simple eye look just like Teni Panosian did in the video above.  


The makeup's covered, but do you already have something to wear? If not, here are some stunning dresses to take inspiration from.