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Body Positive Influencers In The Region And Why You Should Follow Them

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Women who advocate for body positivity are highly criticized for loving the way they look due to the idea that they promote unhealthy lifestyles. But what its critics don't understand is that the real meaning of the movement lies in embracing the diversity of body shapes and sizes and celebrating your own body along with everyone else's. So if you're up for women supporting women in amplifying the message, hit follow and let these inspiring ladies from Southeast Asia to show you what it truly means to be body positive.

Fiona Tan

After joining and winning Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016 and being Singapore's first ever plus-sized beauty queen, Fiona Tan went ahead and organised her own pageants in Singapore. Her aim? To reach out to plus-size women and encourage a body-positive community to advocate the movement. Fiona clarifies that the pageant promotes body acceptance and health improvement, as opposed to losing weight to become a certain size. Follow worthy, admiration worthy!

Victoria Cheng

Body positivity has often been associated with plus-sized women that people often forget it's for every body type and built that promotes a healthy and empowering lifestyle. That's why Singapore-based fitness influencer Victoria Cheng makes our list. Make sure you hit that follow button and get inspired by her ability to balance her hectic schedule and indulge in heavy and delicious food as part of her other career as a food critic and journalist/blogger. Her main message is to promote a healthy lifestyle without succumbing to the pressures of society, which fully reflects on her feed.

Rani Dhaschainey & Ratna Manokaran

Apart from being body-positive entrepreneurs who founded the plus-sized fashion online brands The Curve Cult (Singapore) and Adevi Clothing (Malaysia), Rani Dhaschainey and Ratna Manokaran also have more than just body positivity advocacies on their belt. They also organize meetups, celebrate milestones, and support socially relevant movements such as fundraising for Malaysian refugees. If you're looking for your daily dose of good vibes and want to get inspired with humanity earning huge brownie points (that maybe you can participate in, too), hitting that follow button is a great start. 

Nazirah "Nazz" Ashari

Nazirah Ashari, better known as 'Nazz' on the internet,  is a digital influencer, well-known as a body-positive activist and a show correspondent on iFlix Originals series Coconut TV. She started out with a now-defunct blog called 'That Fat Tudung Party Girl' where she shared her journey to self-acceptance and improving self-esteem. Using her platforms to fight against cyberbullying, fat-shaming, and to show support on both mental and physical health, head over to her feed for fitspiration and just overall life positivity. 

Danah & Stacy Gutierrez

The bloggers-turned-editors-in-chief of their web magazine, twins Danah and Stacy graced various media platforms to promote their advocacy. After battling the struggles of body-shaming, eating disorders, and unending insecurities, now they are role models for women challenging body-type related stereotypes. Their feed consists of all things girl power and self-care, especially promoting beauty in all shapes and sizes.

Rona Samson-Tai

After being a household name due to her stint in The Amazing Race, digital influencer Rona Samson-Tai is well known for promoting an active and inspirational lifestyle regardless of shape, size, colour, and gender.  Her feed focuses on her happy lifestyle, her family (she has a baby-on-the-way!), celebrity friends, fabulous model shots, and breaking the stereotype that curvy people don't eat healthily and workout.

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