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The thrill of entering a bookshop is probably all-too-familiar with book lovers. For us, exploring a room filled with a plethora of books is akin to discovering a wonderful destination. If you’re looking for unique titles that are sadly unavailable in your local shops, why not add bookstores in your itinerary when you travel abroad? Who knows? You might chance upon a rare find that would turn out to be a gem of a read. Find the next addition to your ever-growing pile of to-read books on your next trip at these bookstores around Asia.

Kitazawa Bookstore, Tokyo, Japan

Think it will be hard to find English books in Japan? Well, Kitazawa Bookstore proves otherwise. The bookstore, which has been around in Jimbocho since 1902, is known for offering a variety of English books covering different topics. You’ll find paperbacks and hardbacks of more recent titles, but the real treat here are the antique books dating back from the Middle Ages. If you’re also into classics and love collecting second-hand books in mint condition, then this place is totally your vibe.

Eslite Bookstore, Taipei, Taiwan

Want to just spend the whole night reading and browsing through hundreds of titles? Head off to Eslite’s branch in Dunhua. Aside from offering a wide range of genres, you can find music, food, and even clothing items in this multi-storey branch. Because it’s open for 24 hours, it has become one of the most popular bookstores in Taipei, earning a spot in every bookworm’s travel itinerary. 

Fully Booked, Taguig, Philippines

If you want hundreds of bestsellers to browse upon, Fully Booked’s location in Bonifacio High Street is a must-visit. Its spacious four-storey shop houses titles of different genres, a whole new uncharted territory for bibliophiles looking for a great read. From fiction bestsellers to children’s lit, this bookstore has everything in-store for everyone. But, in case that it doesn’t have the book you’re looking for, you can even put in a special request, and they’ll do what they can to give you a copy.

BookXcess, George Town, Malaysia

BookXcess became popular for their numerous Young Adult books sourced from production overprints. So while their stocks are completely brand new, they are able to offer it at a considerably lower price. They’re also the organisers of the popular Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. But in case their touring fair didn’t stop over your city and you’re flying to Malaysia anyway, opt to get your hands on their bestsellers in their bookstores instead. They have branches all over the country, but if you want to especially take a great snap of your trip, head off to their Gurney Paragon branch in George Town and pose right by their totally IG-worthy bookcase. 

BooksActually, Singapore

While visiting the largest bookstores can be great if you’re looking for variety and bestsellers, make sure to visit local independent shops once in a while, too. If you ever find yourself in Singapore, go off the beaten path and dash straight to BooksActually. Aside from offering obscure titles, they also specialise in home-grown Singaporean literature — just perfect if you want to take home a meaningful souvenir from your trip.

(Cover photo from: @kitazawa_books)

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When it comes to styling, orange is not the easiest colour to work with. It's already so eye-catching by itself, which makes it challenging to pair with. Pair something equally striking and you'll end up with an over-the-top look. On the other hand, some neutrals such as beige may clash and wash off orange. But don't write off this sorbet shade just yet. Ahead, awesome outfit ideas from the Clozette Community that feature orange hues for your style inspiration.

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Wearing socks with shoes? Oh yes, please. Now before you raise your eyebrows at us and say, “What are we, in second grade?” hear us out first. Wearing socks with shoes can be one of the hottest trends to go big in the coming months. 

Of course, we’re not pertaining to just any pair of socks; we’re looking at the fancier version that can instantly give our outfit that much-needed oomph. Some of the most fashion-forward personalities in Hollywood have bravely donned socks along with their heels and we must say, they look good. Our favourite? Hunter Schafer of Euphoria fame and her sheer fancy sock with white booties combo. So we’re taking out a page out of her fashion book. Here are ways to make fancy socks work for us as well. 

Sock trend worn by Hunter Schaefer

(Photo from: @hunterschafer)

Choose colours that pop

If you’re wearing something basic like an LBD or a simple jeans and shirt ensemble, why not give it a little zhoosh by wearing a bright-coloured sock with your chosen footwear? Pick something fresh on the eyes like mint green or maybe mustard yellow shoes which could actually go well even when worn with some black strappy sandals.

Coloured socks

(Photo from: anya_ha_ha_anya)

Thigh-high socks are still ok

Going somewhere cold but have to wear that little black dress? No problem! Just put on nice coloured thigh-high socks and pair them with your favourite sandals and you’re good to go. Just remember to keep the colour a little neutral on this one so as not to cut off the illusion of your long gams. 

(Photo from: @girlwithcurves)

Go frilly

There’s nothing wrong with second-grade fashion as long as you do it right. If you wish to wear the frilly socks you loved so much growing up, we say why not?. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit soft and simple for this one. Instead of wearing a short skirt, it’s best to pair it with a flowy A-line that goes below the knees. Pair the skirt with a nice simple top and you got yourself a nice preppy outfit.

(Cover photo from: @girlwithcurves)