BOSS JOUR Pour Femme

Have the best day ever!

The first whiff of BOSS JOUR Pour Femme is invigorating and energising. The burst of citrus is like a jab of energy that perks you up and invigorates so you’re ready to take on the rest of your day. A couple of spritzes behind the ears and on the wrists, when getting ready, ensures you get a whiff of the refreshing scent each time there is a swish of hair or you check the time. It’s definitely a great perfume to wear to a meeting because of how energetic it makes you feel. 

As your day progresses you will find that the perfume evolves into a floral scent – thanks to freesia and lily of the valley at its heart. Into the evening, the base notes that consist of musky white birch and cream amber take over. The dry down gives the wearer a sense of tranquil, almost as if to signal end of the day and time to unwind. This is a fragrance that’s so easy to wear, it’s possible to use it everyday. 

The BOSS JOUR Pour Femme EDT retails at S$79/RM178 (30ml), S$114/RM256 (50ml), S$148/RM333 (75ml). Shower gel and body lotion that complement the fragrance are also available at S$50/RM112 and S$55/RM124 respectively.