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Review: Is The Browhaus Plasma Eye Lift The Answer To Undereye Problems?

Goodbye fine lines and wrinkles?

One of the first parts to show signs of ageing is the delicate eye area. The thin skin around the eyes makes it more susceptible to damage causing problems such as puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Fine lines are no strangers to our Digital Media Manager, Vicky Wong. who was invited to try out the  After trying various eye creams and lifting serums in the market, she was still hard-pressed to find the one which would effectively reduce them. So she was open to experiencing Browhaus Plasma Eye Lift and to test the Wide Focus Eye Cream. Hearing that the treatment suggested a lifting effect on the eye area, it inevitably caught her interest. How is it different from other treatments in the market? Let's find out. 

Browhaus SG

Unlike most professional eye lift treatments, the Browhaus Plasma Eye Lift is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require any downtime. It uses a plasma jet to treat the eye area in three ways. First, ionised gas particles from plasma purify and sterilise the skin. Next, it primes the skin for better absorption. Finally, it stimulates collagen and elastin-production resulting in a visibly lifted, firm, and smooth eye area. Moreover, the treatment also improves circulation and strengthens the skin’s defence against signs of ageing.

Meanwhile, the Browhaus Wide Focus Eye Cream is a multi-purpose eye and lip treatment product. Created with Nanomax® technology, the cream contains a powerful antioxidant blend of Coenzyme Q10 and vitamins C and E to nourish cells and protect the skin. In addition, it features active ingredients Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract, Liposome Soy Isoflavones, and Olive Squalane to strengthen, brighten, and moisturise skin respectively. If this all seems promising, read on to learn what Vicky has to say about the experience.

First Impressions on the Browhaus Plasma Eye Lift and Pre-Procedure Prep

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Vicky came to the session without any former experience with other treatments. The reason for this, she shares, was that she was initially sceptical about beauty treatments because of their consequences and downtime. Nevertheless, she received a hospitable welcome at Browhaus.

Browhaus Eye Lift Machine

Prior to the procedure, the therapist also showed Vicky the device she’ll be using and explained that the procedure will take around 20 minutes for each side of the eye.

The Browhaus Plasma Eye Lift Procedure and Thoughts on the Wide Focus Eye Cream

Browhaus’s Plasma Eye Lift Procedure was refreshingly simple. Vicky explains, “For the first step, the therapist used a jet applicator to purify and sterilise the skin area around my eyes before she proceeded to the second step where she used the spot applicator for lifting and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.” Was there any discomfort involved? Vicky says, “My therapist pre-empted me that I would experience slight heat when the spot applicator was used, and I did feel it but it didn't cause any discomfort for me. The pulsations were quite tiny and the overall process was a pleasant one.”

Browhaus Plasma Eye Lift

For an experience that was both quick and painless, the results were actually quite surprising. Vicky shares, “The therapist showed me the photos taken before and after treatment, and I was pretty impressed that a single treatment actually brightened my eyes with a visible firming effect in my eye area.”

Browhaus Eye Lift

To optimise the results of the procedure, Vicky was also asked to try out Browhaus’s eye cream. After trying dozens of high-end and drugstore options, what can she say about the Wide Focus Eye Cream? “The packaging is really colourful and cute, which totally brightens up my mood like how the treatment brightens up my eyes. Using the round spatula to apply the cream around my eye zone, it also helps to massage the cream onto my skin and increase blood circulation. The cream is quite nourishing and I even applied it on my chapped lips as lip treatment.”

Overall Thoughts

All in all, the experience was very pleasant. “Although the price is slightly on the high side, I don’t mind trying it again since the outcome is so convincing.” Those who struggle with stubborn fine lines and wrinkles might consider the Browhaus Plasma Eye Lift as an alternative option to more intensive, surgical procedures. At SGD600 per session, it’s quite pricey though considerably cheaper than going under the knife. Still, it’s a good choice for a quick and pain-free treatment with fast results. For those who are looking for a serious eye cream that’ll maintain the health of their eye area, the Wide Focus Cream at SGD158 is a good option.

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