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Rejoice, ARMYs! After their month-long hiatus to recover from a worldwide tour, including multiple appearances on global TV shows and presenting at the Grammys, BTS is officially back to business. Many were initially expecting a longer resting period from the K-pop boy group as their agency Big Hit Entertainment said that this is the first time they're taking a break since their debut in 2013. But fans were both shocked and exhilarated waking up to the news that the group was seen at Incheon Airport in Seoul a couple of hours ago, off to a new engagement overseas. This was later confirmed by a statement from their agency, officially letting everyone know that more BTS content is underway. 

#BTSisBack immediately trended on Twitter, with Bangtan Boys' stans expressing their excitement for having the idols back on the road. Many were also quick to note — and fawn over — the noticeable changes in the boys' visuals. Major highlights include Yoongi's lush locks, Taehyung's animé-inspired look, and Jungkook's knuckle tattoos which spelt ARMY — which may or may not be real, but fans were still quick to commend the nod to the fandom. 

BTS Comeback Tweets


BTS is said to resume their Speak Yourself World Tour starting in Saudi Arabia next month, but no definite plans to come after. So, in our excitement, we decided to throw in our predictions on what this comeback might be brewing soon. 

New music

Of course, we're starting with the obvious! Since the release of Map of Soul: Persona at the beginning of this year, ARMYs are left speculating on the release of its second half in the latter part of 2019. But the boys have become extremely busy — and after the break, we assume they will continue to be — to settle and record a new album in Seoul. Still, with their quick turnaround to the limelight even after pledging to rest and unwind, we can't help but think that squeezing in new music for their fans might just be underway without even us realising it. 

More stints in American television

BTS truly caught the attention of the whole world being the first K-pop group to ever appear and perform in many American TV spots. From Saturday Night Live to a couple of late-night talk shows, ARMYs were treated to a lot of content to gush over given how mainstream these idols have become. And given that their first appearance together after the short hiatus is set abroad, we can only expect more of BTS making it into our cable subscriptions.  

More bts from BTS

Fancam-style features were made popular by Korean television shows featuring celebrities and idols. And sure, we love their performances, but nothing beats our boys when they're in their most candid moments. With their comeback and being on tour definitely means a lot of playful footages from behind-the-scenes are hitting our socials again soon and we're definitely on board with that. 

BTS for Coachella 2020

With BLACKPINK owning this year's Coachella, who's to say that BTS won't be making its way into the music festival's stage next? Global fanatics have been petitioning for it to happen for years now to the point that their not being included in the lineup in 2019 caused even more headlines than the news announcing BLACKPINK joining the event. We can only cross fingers for now, but who knows? Maybe BLINKs and ARMYs can party in Coachella next year should the music gods allow it.

(Cover photo from: @bts.bighitofficial)

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