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Last week, we asked Malaysian influencers which bubble milk tea shops serve the best cups of boba they've ever tasted. And as they cast their votes, we also got to peek at their orders, which we've now added to our own bubble tea must-tries. Despite their great recommendations, the milk tea quest is far from over. This time, we got our Philippine Clozetters to spill the tea — pun intended — on their top bubble tea picks. 

P.S. We even got the scoop on some of their second-best favourites.


"I was not really a fan of milk teas before but I was converted when I tried the one with cream cheese from Royce," spills Star Clozetter Jewel Agustin. "It’s handcrafted so you can really taste the tea, unlike the others. But it’s too expensive so I drink Happy Lemon Creamy Baby when I'm on a budget."


"I've loved boba milk tea since I was 13 years old," confessed Star Clozetter Me-An Clemente. "My top one is CoCo Milk Tea because for a PHP 100 (~USD2) I get creamy milk tea with the right hint of sweetness and I don't have to pay additional for sinkers. Plus, when I get their White Pearls Milk Tea (packed with small tapioca pearls or sago), I also get a nice ratio of milk tea and pearls in each sip. Overall, great value for money."

Me-An also talked about her top two, saying, "My second fave is Onezo. I just love their flavoured pearls. They make the experience of drinking milk tea better because two elements bring a burst of varying flavours in one sip."

Tokyo Bubble Tea

"Tokyo Bubble Tea's JCC Roasted Caramel Milk Tea is the one for me. Why? Because of the pearls, of course! That burst of cream cheese and caramel in your mouth is just superb," shares Star Clozetter Camille Alipio.  She continued to add, "My top two would be CoCo's Panda milk tea or Two Ladies. There's a different taste of sweetness to it (in a good way). Plus, there's a burst of another delectable taste, especially when you sip it with the pearls or the egg pudding, that gives a different kind of satisfaction."


"My go-to is the Okinawa Milk Tea from Serenitea," says Clozetter Aurora Basbas. "I love the roasted brown sugar flavour and, for me, this gives the tea a rich, toasty taste that goes absolutely well with pearls."

Happy Lemon

"Milk tea is basically something I drink to feel refreshed and something I can easily grab, thanks to the milk tea craze in the PH," says Star Clozetter Hannah Dacanay. "My top one is Happy Lemon because I find it affordable with excellent quality. I specifically love their drinks with RSC (Rock Salt and Cheese). The mix of salty and sweet goodness is heaven in a drink."

She adds, "CoCo is a close second because of its distinct taste and soft and chewy boba. My fave buy from there would be their Panda Milk Tea."


"Gong-Cha Wintermelon as always and Black Scoop Wintermelon Ice Cream milk tea in second place," Star Clozetter Ian Francisco shares. "Basically, I love them because they're not too sweet as compared to other milk teas out there, which are still sweet even if they're at zero per cent sugar level."

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Jewellery with an outfit is to seasoning in cooking; neither is complete without the other. If you’re in the market for tiny gold or silver pieces with a little something that makes them stand out, there’s bound to be something you love from these dainty jewellery brands around the region. 

Wanderlust + Co 

Expect to see ethereal designs, whimsical motifs and a whole lotta gold when you shop at Wanderlust + Co. The brand has been gracing the limbs of supermodels and rising stars alike and has been making waves among the millennial crowd. The brainchild of Jenn Low, this brand has recently moved operations from Australia back to Malaysia to connect better with the audience.


Born from the idea that luxury can be affordable, the Eleventh Hour capsule collection encompasses their vision for versatility and wearability. The founders designed and created their wares to be delicate and beautiful, set with sparkling gems, ready to be shown off every day.

Amado Gudek

Fitting in perfectly with the recent resin comeback, this label provides unique, eye-catching designs for those who like to stand out from the crowd. They also strive to produce sustainable jewellery mixed with other natural elements such as wood, fossilised stone and plants.

By Invite Only 

What sets this brand apart from the others is their attention to the sensitivities of their customer base. These pretty little things are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, suitable for everyone and for every occasion.

Soul Flower

Refresh your basic looks with handmade beauties from Soul Flower, lovingly handmade and studded with gems in delicate settings. Founded in 2010, this brand has the perks of experience and a youthful, contemporary style to fit any personality.


Made for girls who love the idea of more is more, Heyjow encourages their patrons to love their layers, creating pieces that spark conversation to be stacked for maximum effect. With their large selection of original designs, there’s bound to be something for every mood you’re in.

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There are days that we just wake up feeling quite giddy and happy. For moments like that, why not express what we feel by adding colour to our outfits? Add extra sweetness to your day by donning some ice-cream-coloured pieces. See how the ladies from the Clozette Community style these bubbly hues to fit their mood.

Looking peachy

Woman crossing the street wears yellow and pink clothing
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Strawberries and cream

Woman wearing a flowy light pink dress
(Photo from: Chervon)

Minty and fruity

Woman wearing a colourful caftan
(Photo from: theliyanaaris)

Mango berry

Woman wearing a bright tie-dyed shirt
(Photo from: HazelStyleWitch)

A mix of flavours

Woman wearing a brightly-coloured outfit
(Photo from: Danetelle)

(Cover photo from: Vanessaxlim)

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