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Captain Marvel's Directors On Strong Female Protagonists In Film

Girl power!

Today, March 8th is “International Women's Day” on the anniversary of “Warring for Women's Political Freedom and Equality”. The movie that will be released in the United States on such a day will exceed “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter”, the latest work of Marvel Studios of the world box office No. 1 series “Captain Marvel” (from March 15 Japan Release). The main character of this work, Marvel's first female hero alone, is a mysterious hero who has lost her past memories and is a suspenseful action masterpiece over the fact of the shock that was set in her memory.

Captain Marvel Directors

This time, Marvel's first female hero's single leading role was selected by Ryan Fleck, who co-directed with Anna Boden, decorating the “first female director”. They have long been travelling gambling at “Half Nelson” (2006), which depicts conflicts with the drugs themselves while trying to earn the trust of students in unconventional lessons, and at casinos around the world. Produced “Wild Gambling” (2015) depicting the despair and rebirth of two men. By focusing on the emotions and humanity of the characters, the viewer's heart has been shaken, and the work has been drawn in such a way that the audience will empathize. This time, they are very excited about what Marvel has made the world-popular series of Marvel, and what they are looking forward to talking about with Captain Marvel.

Anna said, “One of the reasons I was attracted to this character is that she is a really powerful, unique, non-reliant character. I was so excited to tell Marvel's story." Captain Marvel feels lonely about things that are different from other friends, anxiety about how shocking secrets are in her past, and the enemy who the neighbour has changed While facing the fear of not being able to do it, you will face up to the enemies. Even if you have weaknesses, it is attractive to have the “strength” to rebound.

Captain Marvel

Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel, also said, “Captain Marvel has inspired me. She is confident in her ability to be herself and her strength. I thought that playing Captain Marvel was no more than that because she was so wonderful.” Even Brie, who has won awards and played a variety of “dignified” characters, is fascinated by the “strength” overflowing from Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is an elite soldier of the Cree Empire who has earned a “non-standard power” at the cost of being injured. She has an indomitable spirit that she tries to confront many times, even though she has a complicated mind since she does not know [what happened in] her past. She is overwhelmingly strong, but at first glance, it appears as if she is a perfect hero. At the same time, she loses her past memories, so her anxiety about who she is is affected, and her mind and ability are controlled. It hasn't been done yet. How imperfect she is, who has both strength and weakness, wakes up as "Captain Marvel" in the battle for her memory... Pay attention to the new frontiers of Marvel's first female hero and the first female director!