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Since its founding in 1976, French skincare brand L’OCCITANE en Provence continues to provide its customers with the best products, as well as fighting for good causes. From its dedication to emancipating women in Burkina Faso, to planting new almond trees in the south of France, and to setting up a Lavender fund in Provence, it’s been a wonderfully busy time for founder Olivier Baussan.

As they celebrate 40 years of developing new ranges and discovering new plant extracts, L'OCCITANE released beautiful and exclusive editions of products that best sum up what they are as a skincare brand. So keep reading below to find out more about the gorgeous products that will surely be in your beauty wishlist! 


Hand Cream Trio Set (RM123)

Encased in special packaging that was inspired by the radiant hues of the 1970’s, this set of hand creams will leave your hands feeling soft and comfortable wherever you go, in whatever climate.

Lavender Limited Edition Foaming Bath 500ml (RM122)

Feel like you’re taking a bath in the fields of lavender at Haute-Provence with this rich foaming bath, which will leave your skin feeling supple from its floral and balsamic notes.

Lavender Limited Edition Rough-Cut Soaps (RM63)

A soap that nourishes your skin and exfoliates it, these rough-cut soaps contain pieces of Lavender to gently clean your body, while leaving a wild-yet-welcoming scent of the iconic flower.

Limited Edition Verbena Collection

Left to Right: Verbena Eau de Toilette 100ml (RM235), Exfoliating Fresh Shower Gel (RM90), Rough-Cut Soaps (RM63), Moisturising Body Mousse (RM118), Fresh Body Mist (RM58)

A breath of freshness that can be worn all-year round, what started out as the first fragrance in L’OCCITANE’s collection, is now being expanded to a limited edition collection. The Verbena range is designed with green diagonal lines to mimic looking down onto the fields in Drôme Provençale; stretching as far as the eye can see and sweeping you up into the sky.

Verbena Scalp Tonic (RM95)


The Hand Cream Trio Set, Lavender Limited Edition Foaming Bath, Lavender Limited Edition Rough-Cut Soaps, and Verbena Limited Edition Collection are available in all L'OCCITANE boutiques and counters in Malaysia.



After the release of Juicy Tubes, which they described as the make-up revolution of the 2000s, Lancôme now presents the Juicy Shaker -- a rule-breaker lippie designed to mischievously and playfully shake up the codes of make-up thanks to its cocktail of innovations. It's unique formulation allows it to blend the shine and comfort of an oil with the vibrant colour of lacquered pigments.

The on-the-lips result? A flush of adjustable, made-to-measure colour with the glossy finish and lip care effects of an oil without the sticky sensation. Plus, they have 15 amazing shades that are simply gorgeous and will definitely fit any style and mood.

What are our top picks from the bunch? Keep scrolling to find out!

Mangoes Wild

Ever so slightly mischievous, this mango-scented orange-pink has a strong personality. This is also actress Lily Collins’ darling shade.

Berry in Love

A zesty pink as mouth-watering as a freshly-picked berry, this is fragranced with sublime notes of blackberry and is also the top choice of Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o.

Wonder Melon

Simply refreshing, this vibrant fuchsia borrows both its shade and fragrance from the juiciest watermelon!


Show your perky and fun-loving side with this happy sunny shade that will refreshingly remind you of the sweet smell of apricots.



Being a 25 to 35 years old nowadays mean a lot stress and fatigue. It's because our lifestyle is all about keeping up with constant changes such as digital reinvention and global development. This is the so-called urban fatigue that is being experienced by most of Generation Y.

Thankfully, we can have one less thing to worry about when it comes to our skincare routine with Lancôme. Their reinvented Énergie De Vie line promises powerful and innovative products meet our skin concerns with high effectivity and convenience. And welcoming a new addition to this skincare range is a non-conventional moisturiser called Liquid care™.  

Keep scrolling to find out how these skincare range will help bring back the energy and glow of your skin!
Énergie De Vie Pearly Lotion

The smoothing & plumping Pearly Lotion contains a myriad of translucent and evanescent pearls of multiple sizes that give the skin the nourishing feel of an oil. This, paired with the intense freshness of a water gives the skin the much needed splash of energy after a long and tiring day (RM 200/ SGD$ 105).

Énergie De Vie Liquid Care

The smoothing & glow-boosting Liquid Care provides all-in-one skincare, designed to be as fresh as a lotion, as concentrated as a serum and as moisturizing as a Lancôme cream. Bursting with moisturizing, antioxidant and energizing active ingredients, it leaves skin fresh and radiant and delivers smoothing and plumping effects (RM 220 / SGD$115).

Énergie De Vie Sleeping Mask

And last but not the least, the overnight recovery Sleeping Mask that helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and maintain its optimal moisture levels (RM 220 / SGD$95).

What are you waiting for? Take action and fight the effects of urban fatigue with  Lancôme's Énergie De Vie skincare range.


The Énergie De Vie skincare range is available at all Lancôme counters in Malaysia and Singapore.