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This Festive season, SK-II has given the iconic Facial Treatment Essence a stunning new look with a meaningful series of limited edition designs that celebrate the power of personal transformation and the will to change your destiny.

The best-selling beauty essence contains over 90% Pitera™, the signature ingredient present in all SK-II products, and has transformed the skin of millions of women around the world, gifting them with crystal clear skin. It is no wonder that the essence has been nicknamed ‘miracle water’ by its loyal users who have changed their skin’s destiny thanks to SK-II. Now, the essence gets its own transformation in the form of three distinctive festive limited edition bottle designs. 

They have created artistic ‘Wings of Change’ bottles of the iconic beauty essence for the Christmas and holiday season. This series draws inspiration from two of nature’s most beloved winged creatures, the butterfly and the hummingbird to symbolize the beauty in transformation and the possibilities of soaring beyond your potential.

Each adorned in a different colour, the three designs represent the various stages in the journey to change your destiny – boldness, encouragement, and perseverance – and thus become meaningful gifts based on the giver or recipient’s personal stories in their quest to #ChangeDestiny. 


BOLDNESS: Red Butterflies

This is for the woman who embodies the boldness and courage it takes to change her own destiny. It is adorned with fluttering butterflies as the ultimate symbol of transformation, the graceful butterfly’s inspiring metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a flying flower. Fashioned in invigorating red, this captivating design and colour express the heartfelt passion and bravery necessary to undertake the journey that leads to transformation.

Available in the SK-II Iconic Set (RM620) and SK-II Age Protect Set (RM1,181).   

ENCOURAGEMENT: Pink Butterflies 

An alternate design of the butterflies is rendered in tender pink, a colour symbolic of affection, love, and trust. Thus, this elegant bottle makes the ideal gift for someone whose unrelenting support was essential in your transformation. The soft, feminine hues of the graceful butterflies echo the warmth that comes with words of encouragement

Available in the SK-II Beauty Blossom Set (RM852).  


PERSEVERENCE: Blue Hummingbird 

Although one of nature’s smallest birds, the dynamic hummingbird is able to accomplish the seemingly impossible, symbolizing the spirit of persistence and dedication.Decorated in enchanting shades of the color blue, which represents eternity, this bottle makes a touching gift for someone in relentless pursuit of their dreams, acting as a powerful reminder to never give up on the journey to transformation. 

Available in the SK-II Flawless Beauty Set (RM1,410). 


Whether as a gift of admiration, accomplishment, or an uplifting wish for the recipient, these Festive edition essences are the ultimate gifts of transformational beauty, giving the recipient the gift of crystal clear skin while empowering her with the confidence to fly. 

The SK-II festive sets are available for a limited time while stocks last at all SK-II counters in Malaysia from 15 October 2015.     



At this day and age where lipsticks come in every form, shape, size and shade, it’s not hard to imagine why a girl just can’t get enough of this little makeup masterpiece. Whether you're the type who only picks that top of the line lippie for an every day look or the type who loves collecting lipsticks (like most of us), one can never run out of choices and reasons not to love those lipsticks.

So if you're still wondering why there is all this hype around lippies, here’s a little rundown of why we just love lippies!


It is a substitute BFF 

Feel like crying a river after eating a bowl of 700 calorie Laksa? Or feeling villain-y and want to evil laugh your way back to your desk after beating that deadline? It’s okay, whatever mood you are in, that lipstick will never ever judge you. Just pop a matte lipstick in pink to hide the sinful grease of that Laksa, or swipe that vampy plum lippie and feel that Maleficent vibe without looking cray-cray. Those lipsticks are the instant Karlie to your Taylor!

It’s the closest thing you can get to being a superstar 

On days when you feel like copying your favourite celeb's look, a good lippie is there for you! Like, you want to look like Jennifer Lawrence but don’t have the guts to get a pixie cut. Or you probably want to be like an empress ala Ha Ji Won in Empress Ki but do not have money to burn to go to the Forbidden City-- don’t fret. Just swipe that Dior Addict or NARS lipstick and take a selfie. Bam! Instant photo shoot like an A-list celebrity!

It might be the most effortless flirting tool

Get your LBD, put your hair up and swipe that Giorgio Armani in 400 and you are most certainly date-ready. That's the magic only a lippie can give without breaking a sweat!

It’s a good conversation piece

When you are running out of things to say, give your colleague the usual greeting with a matching compliment of “that lipstick shade looks nice!” This guarantees a short yet fruitful conversation about lippies and you might even find a BFF if you find out you love the same lipstick shade!  


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Keeping your body moving with a regular fitness routine is one of the best ways to give your skin that bright, flawless complexion. As your body sweats and your heart rate goes up, your skin reacts by purging your body of toxins as blood rushes through your body for a natural oxygen and nutrient boost. But when it comes to putting together a fitness routine, what are the exercises you should be doing?

While 'Yoga' and 'Pilates' typically come to mind--with both exercises being hyped for years as women everywhere celebrate the positive results from a good Yoga or Pilates session--sometimes, it's great to break out and try something new. Not only will it give your body a jolt of energy from the change of pace, but it'll also prevent you from getting burned-out and bored by your workout regimen.

So if you're looking to try something new to add to your fitness routine, here are 5 new fitness trends to try!


Barre Workout

If you've always envied the toned and trim bodies of dancers, then Barre Workout is something you definitely need to try next. It's a fusion of ballet with yoga and pilates poses. It aims to lengthen, trim, and tone your body while increasing flexibility. For added strength training, handheld weights may also be incorporated into the routine.

For a really high-intensity exercise that puts your whole body to work, give Boxing a try! It sculpts and strengthens your arms, core, and legs for a trim and lean physique. Best thing about it: all that sweating and cardio work is great for the skin as well as your body cleanses itself of toxins and pumps vital nutrients to keep you energized throughout the workout.

HIIT Workouts

Only have 30 minutes or less each day for a workout? No problem! Just get in on the HIIT trend! HIIT Workouts alternate between short-but-intense bursts of activity and low-intensity movements. It aims to burn fat quickly without sacrificing muscle; and it's also regarded as one of the most effective fat-burning workout around, making you sweat more for a leaner, trimmer silhouette. Best thing about it? It makes exercising a lot easier, so you have no excuse not to work out. And we all know that a daily workout routine does wonders for the skin, making skin look, clear and glowing from the inside.

For a quick HIIT workout you can do at home, try this simple routine: 20 seconds of intense exercise like jogging in place, sit-ups, or push-ups. Then, follow it up quickly with 40 seconds of rest. Repeat until you've hit your 30 minutes mark.


Staying fit is not only a physical game but also a mental one. Nothing keeps you feeling and looking young and fresh than a revitalized, well-rested mind that's free of stress and worries. So add a few minutes of meditation in your day to keep your mind sharp, alert, and happy. You'll soon see positive changes reflected on your body--such as a fresher skin complexion and brighter eyes.

Facial Exercises

While there are a number of fitness routines to keep your body trim, it's a little harder to spot target your face. With the latest beauty trend of a youthfully contoured face, a variety of facial exercises and face massage techniques are now sought after by beauty and fitness enthusiasts as it relieves tension and increases circulation on the face.

So for a facial exercise routine that you can easily incorporate in your beauty regimen, we're loving Clinique's Sculptwear™ system. Touted as a 1-minute facial fitness program, it's a kit that comes with a Lift and Contour Serum and a Contouring Massage Cream Mask. Both are best applied with the Clinique Sonic Massaging Treatment applicator as it gently massages the lightweight serum and cream into the skin, allowing the products to better absorb for maximum effects. With continued use, skin feels more toned and vibrant with a healthy glow.


What's your favourite fitness trend? Let us know in the comments below!