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Style Throwback: Celebrity Looks That Rocked Summer 2019

Wear a trend today

  • DT on 10 Jul, 2019

    Features Writer

Now that summer is over, it's time to do a style recap and revel in the fun trends we've seen and enjoyed. Summer is one of the seasons when we witness our favourite stars setting new trends or giving classics a comeback. Ahead, our favourite trends sported by some of our favourite celebrities from the region. Who knows? You might find a way to wear these even after hot, sunny days. 

Rose of Blackpink’s half-up hairstyle

We just can’t get enough of Rose of the K-Pop group Blackpink and her half-up hairstyle spotted in their recent concert tour and meet-and-greets. She’s done it by dividing the section of her hair into halves with a few bangs on the side. The upper half is gathered and tied while the other half falls down with soft, romantic waves. Effortlessly stunning! Steal this look and do it your way by throwing the half-section of your hair into a bun or arrange a braid then finish it with a dainty ribbon.

Chalita Suansane’s shimmering skirt

Thai model and beauty queen Chalita Suansane is Barbie-like in this style. She paired a tee with a pink sheer skirt designed with shimmering glitters from iCONiC’s latest summer collection. Want to rock this look, too? Look for that sheer skirt you’ve had for months inside your closet and pair it with your favourite t-shirt and sneakers to balance the bling with a bit of casualness.

Liu Wen and her oversized garments

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen goes big by wearing oversized garments, evoking a laid-back vibe that isn’t too baggy and awkward. Like Liu, it’s best to choose neutral colours when sporting the ‘oversized’ trend. Plus, perk up your look with sassy accessories like a belt or a bag.

Julia Barretto’s matching scarlet two-piece outfit

Aside from giving fans serious travel inspiration from her last summer trip to South America, Filipina actress Julia Barretto shows us how to travel in style. She wore a scarlet-coloured two-piece outfit matched with gold dainty necklaces and wide-rimmed sunnies. Copy the look by wearing a cropped top and a skirt in a popping colour of orange or pink. Plus, don’t forget to add your favourite neckpieces to achieve that Julia-inspired outfit.

Kiko Mizuhara

American-Japanese actress/model Kiko Mizuhara redefines the purpose of monokinis in one of her latest outfits for a fashion event. She draped a polka dot sheer gown over a striped one-piece suit while carrying a petite glittery bag. It’s also hard to ignore those patches. You can also make a statement like Kiko in this style. This outfit is perfect for evening events where it’s okay to reveal skin and exude a sultry vibe like a beach party at night. 

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