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Change The Way You Remove Your Makeup

... with Garnier's new skincare range!

The foundation for healthy, radiant skin lies under a great skincare routine. You may think that you're doing enough to keep your skin hydrated and clean but sometimes, your typical cleanser isn't cut out for the job. Garnier found the perfect solution -- micelle molecules.

Easily remove even the strongest waterproof makeup -- yes, even waterproof mascara that's really hard to take off -- with a simple swipe. Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water helps lift dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities upon contact-- no rinsing or hard rubbing required!

To complete your skincare routine, they have also released a variety of facial scrubs, gel exfoliators, and cleansing towelettes for every skin type. Plus, all of these products are made with natural ingredients that are guaranteed gentle yet effective. 

So change the way you remove your makeup and say hello to clearer and more radiant skin with Garnier!


The Garnier U.S. Collection is available in all Watsons, Guardian, and all major supermarkets in Singapore.