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Your home says a lot about your mindset, goals and personality. So if you want to elevate your lifestyle and turn your holistic outlook in life around, giving your crib a revamp is a good way to start. Not everyone has the luxury of time or money to totally give their houses a complete flip, but you'll be surprised at how changing even the littlest of details can be enough to give your home a new look and feel. Curious? Read on to find out our easy and budget-friendly tips on sprucing up your space.

Start adding some greenery

While not all of us have been blessed with a green thumb, there are now many options available to add some greens to your home. If you're not into massive indoor plants, certain succulents, air plants and even marimo (Japanese moss balls) are great options for some low maintenance but highly beneficial greenery.

Add some framed prints to your walls

Gone are the days when hanging art in your home means investing in high-priced pieces. Nowadays, there are many independent artists who sell their prints online for a much cheaper price without compromising quality. Another option would be to print and frame your own travel photos or to put up your own mood boards in frames to add a more personal touch to your home decor. 

Change a wall colour

Ever heard of a feature wall? While it may not be a popular concept in this region, it's a well known interior design method where one corner is designated a different colour or wallpaper for a fresher and more interesting appeal.

Do some decluttering

Living in a space for quite a while makes you accumulate a variety of stuff — some you might not even need anymore! So as a part of your mission to revamp your home, take the time to start packing some boxes with things that can do away with tossing. From old clothes to bulky furniture that needs replacing, these things don't need to be in your home anymore and you should consider either donating them or doing a garage sale. A little bit more breathing space can do people some good, you know? P.S. You may want to take some cues from the queen of decluttering, Marie Kondo.

Go thrift shopping 

Looking to add some statement pieces to your home but the price tags of new finds are not cutting it for you? Go the thrifting route and find yourself amazed. Thrift shops are a lot more promising than you'd initially expect and who knows? You might find an ornate desk or a vintage lamp you'll fall heads over heels for that will add more 'oomph' to your space without boring a hole on your budget.



The term ‘delicates’ kinda sounds archaic in this day in age where words like fit and kicks have become a part of everyday conversation when it comes to fashion. However, it doesn’t just refer to your unmentionables. Delicates such as slips, camisoles and dresses are often made of lace and silk, as well as linens and cashmere — materials that are not suited for an arbitrary spin cycle. They also come with a hefty price tag if you’re a girl who likes to live the luxe life. So it's only fitting that you know how to take care of them so you can enjoy them for long. Ahead, our best tips for keeping your delicates' longevity.

Pay attention to the fine print 

Not every piece of clothing is made equal, and those tags aren’t there to irritate you. The most important symbol you need to know is the big X on the washing machine which means a spin cycle is a no-no. Following the directions, especially those that tell you explicitly what not to do, has already made washing your delicates that much easier.

Invest in a lingerie detergent (or make your own!) 

You may be wondering: how is this different from regular detergent? Well, normal laundry detergent is formulated to remove stubborn stains and is meant for heavier loads. Lingerie needs to be pampered with a gentle solution to maintain their texture and longevity. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like spending extra, you can make your own blend of detergent using a cup of hot water, a teaspoon of baby shampoo and a couple drops of your favourite essential oil.

Let them have a good soak in the tub

No, you can’t just chuck everything into the washing machine. Some things need time and a gentle nudge onto a cleaner path. In this case, a five-minute soak is what all your delicates need to loosen up any grime that may have been collected, and a light hand wash to remove any stains. Let your garments soak for another five minutes for good measure before gently squeezing them out. Add a little distilled white vinegar into your wash to soften the fabrics and remove any soap residue.

Tumbling down the rabbit hole 

Unlike Alice in Wonderland, your expensive clothing can’t just go for a tumble in the machine because they’ll be twisted up, stretched out and over wrung when they don’t have to be. Leaving these fabrics on a drying rack is more than sufficient as they tend to be thinner and absorb less water during the wash, especially since you’ve already given them a head start with a gentle squeeze.

Keep them in shape 

As they say, different strokes for different folks. You can’t handle lace the same way you’d handle cashmere although they both require a gentle hand. Don’t hang your cashmere on a drying line and allow its shape to be ruined by stretching. Lay it flat as you would a lace garment to eliminate the issue of wrinkles. A little care and diligence will easily make these gorgeous items last you a lifetime.


'Tis the season for gatherings, parties and travelling. If you're off to do all three, remember to stay in style while you dance your heart out in your new favourite destination. Don't have plans yet? Well, let your guiding stars show you the way. For a destination party style that matches your birth-given personality, here's a guide.


Your sensibilities are strong, and that's why a trip to Shanghai is the perfect choice for a vacation. As bold as your personality, the party scene in this city is something books are written about. You're not one to do subtle, so an outfit that's as fiery as your personality is just what you need to strut and dance in.


With a natural flair for anything feminine, there's no surprise you've booked a trip to Kyoto. For a place that's bursting with elegance and old world charm, it's only fitting that you wear a print that's just as classic, like houndstooth.


You're a style chameleon whose mood dictates your choices. Although decided on a whim, we're sure you'll have no regrets booking a trip to Singapore. The city's as versatile as you! As for exploring it in style, we say go for something sensible and can be dressed up or down depending on your need... or desire.


It's all about comfort for you. And it definitely won't be compromised even though you're partying it up in Bangkok. For the ultimate outfit, go for something casual but not overly so. Add a few accessories to liven it up and you're good to go.


You're a true blue stylista no matter the situation or destination. Dancing all night and socialising in Colombo? No problem. You already have your bold outfit prepared and ready to take on the night and turn heads with you.


Polished through and through, you're never one to be caught wearing a piece of clothing that looks out of place. Even while out partying in the streets of Manila, you're wearing nothing but a streamlined outfit. We're not complaining though!


Always striving to find balance, you're someone who's naturally drawn to neutrals with a twist. Your outfit choice for a rave in Hanoi is no exemption. Whoever said neutrals are boring will change their mind after seeing your sartorial pick.


You're not one to be put inside a box. Experimenting is definitely right up your alley, and it's evident in your choice of outfit for a night in equally eclectic Kuala Lumpur. You're fierce and open to anything without trying too hard.


There's no doubt that you love to move. Dancing on the floor for hours at a bar in Macau doesn't seem to make you feel tired at all. Make sure you're dressed just right by incorporating your favourite athleisure pieces to help you move with ease.


Sophistication is the goal for you at all times. Partying in Melbourne is no different. You're a minimalist at heart who's not a fan of frills so it makes sense that your party outfit is just as coordinated and elegant.


You're in tune with your inner laid-back child and you're not afraid to dress the part. Drinking and clubbing like a '70s child in Bali is exactly the kind of vacation highlight you've planned for. Your outfit? It matches your vibe, of course.


Simple with a hint of quirkiness is just what you're about. Whether you're walking inside museums or partying it up in Delhi, you're most comfortable with a classic outfit... but always with a touch of something unique, like a pair of statement earrings or a bag, as a nod to your creative side.

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