Chic Gift Wrapping Ideas You Can Do Last Minute

For a personal touch

After the hassles of last minute Christmas shopping, you might be tempted to skip the wrapping part and just give the gifts how you purchased them. That's a very practical thing to do considering the environmental waste that you'll spare Mother Earth from. However, if you want to add a personal touch to your gift, consider doing one of these chic and eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas. Don't worry, you don't need to be a craft expert to pull these off!

Wrap It In Reusable Cloth

We got this idea from Lush's holiday collection. This year, they presented these reusable cloth gift wraps as an alternative to traditional wrapping paper. You can also do this at home by cutting some old but decent cloth. After, just wrap your present with the cloth, then secure with a knot. Easy peasy!

Dress Up An Old Box

Remember when you were tasked to decorate an old shoebox so it can double as your hygiene kit in second grade? Well, you can still put those creative skills to work now that you're an adult by dressing up old boxes to wrap your presents. You can even customize them to match the personality of the recipient. 

Wrap It In Recycled Paper

Put those stacks of grocery brown paper wraps to good use. You can use yarns to secure the package. Now, this can look bland as it is, so don't forget to decorate with different elements. If you're particularly art-inclined then you can draw or do some simple calligraphy on it.

Put It In A Mason Jar

Whether your gifts are edible or not, mason jars are a whimsical and chic way to present your gifts. Decorate them with trinkets to make them more personal and visually appealing.

Use Sinamay Fabric

The sinamay fabric is popularly used in millinery and bouquet-making because of its sturdy structure and elegant 'raw' look. Needless to say, this material is also perfect for gift wrapping if you're looking for something that's more elegant-looking. Another plus point is that this will not go to waste after serving its purpose as a wrap because it can be repurposed as an ornamental mat.

(Cover photo from: queenofallyousee)

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