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Life is a combination of both good and bad. We all have moments when we feel like our hearts are elated, only to be broken after. But no matter what life throws at us, there is still one thing that we can rely on: our own choices.

In the first and second part of our #LetsTalkPink series, we discovered stories of finding hope and seeing one's self in a new light despite breast cancer. In the last instalment of this trilogy, we bring you the story of Joon Ng and Geraldine Goh -- women whose choices led to conquering breast cancer's harrowing truths.

Joon (left) is currently undergoing active treatment for breast cancer. Geraldine (right), on the other hand, is celebrating her 3rd year of freedom from the disease.

Looking through the perspective of a patient and a survivor, keep scrolling to learn more about their story of choices, chances, and conquering fears.
Can you tell us more about yourself before breast cancer?

Joon: I won’t say I was a workaholic, but back then I worked at least 48-50 hours a week if I was really busy. My priority then was work first, followed with housework, then myself and my family last.

Geraldine: I have never been an adventurous person. I prefer systems and routines. I used to rush [things a lot]. I also used to enjoy being alone. I am just someone who likes many things, but never get it done [because I stick to just] thinking about it. 


How did all of these things change when you were diagnosed?

Joon: I came to realise that life is actually very fragile and time, in my case, is even more precious. I almost immediately changed my lifestyle. Now, my life priority is myself, family, friends, housework, and work last.

Now I challenge myself to water rafting, canopy walk, snorkeling, and zip lining. I never thought much about "basking in the sun", but now I like to travel to witness the sunrise. I appreciate being in other people's company as compared before.

Can you describe to us what happened when you found out that you had breast cancer?

Joon: “How is this possible” was the first thing that came to my mind when I found out that I have breast cancer. My family and loved ones were also shocked and everyone was just sad. But Breast Cancer Foundation helped me through my breast cancer journey and I had a much easier time accepting my condition.

Geraldine: You know what, I was peaceful, calm, and accepted the news with a smile and felt blessed that it was me. There weren't any fears, doubts, or expectations. There was no history of breast cancer in the family so I somehow pioneered it. It started with me and therefore should also end with me. Never did I ask the usual "why me" question. Everyone at home supported me throughout the journey. I'm really grateful to them. 


What was the most harrowing thing about going through this part of your life? And what made you say "This is enough. I have to fight.”? 

Joon: [It was definitely] the fear of death. But my husband, my family, and friends, especially the ones from BCF, gave me the courage and support to fight this condition.

Breaking the news to my mum was more harrowing than the illness itself. I first broke the news to my only sister, just before my operation, through an email and I could tell how sad and helpless she felt. She broke the news to my mum only after my surgery. There wasn't anything like "that's enough. I have to fight on". It's not a war that kills. It's a battle within ourselves that we must conquer.

What were the things you discovered about breast cancer that you didn't know until you've actually experienced it?

Joon: Anyone, regardless of age, may be at risk of having breast cancer. Therefore, regular breast check is important. Early detection saves lives.

Geraldine: A mammogram checkup once or every 2 years can be a little too long and a little too late. In between that period, anything could happen. I was fortunate that I detected a dimple while "caressing" my bosom while taking a shower. I would like to encourage women to touch and feel their breasts more often to make it easier to notice any abnormalities. 


How did this experience change you as woman and as a person?

Joon: Simple. I feel much stronger and more passionate about life.

Geraldine: Life goes on as before and I was pleased that friends and acquaintances didn't notice any differences in me. I was a strong woman then, and has turned into a more confident, healthier, and prosperous version of myself. 


Last but not the least, what is your message to every woman who will read about your story this Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Do you think that there is a need for women to talk openly about breast cancer?

Joon: Do regular breast self-examination and yearly breast screening as early detection saves life. There is still this taboo/fear in the older generation to talk openly about breast cancer and as a result the younger generation is less aware of it. I believe educating the younger generation, especially between ages 16-21 years old, about breast cancer will help them in preventing the risk of having the disease.

Geraldine: Breast cancer isn't that scary and can be cured if detected early. Regular self-examination as well as mammography checkups are both necessary and important. Do not procrastinate or be in denial if you sense something unusual in your breasts. 


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One of the best things this Fall besides the cooling weather is the occasion that allows us to get all silly, spooky, and creative with our looks and outfits. Yes! That's right! We're talking about Halloween. 

Young and old, there's always something about trick-or-treating that makes us take the extra effort to come up with our own costumes and spook the heck out of everyone. But sometimes, we get so busy with school or work that we simply don't have the time to prep up, which makes 'adulting' a little bit disappointing. Still, who said that you have to give up on your Halloween plans completely? 

If you find yourself left with no time to come up with an awesome Halloween costume, here are some amazing and badass looks you can try with pieces straight from your closet! 


 Marvel's Jessica Jones

(photo from Instagram/@jessicajonesnetflix)

From the comics to the Marvel TV universe, Jessica Jones is a superhero-turned-private investigator who deals with cases involving people with remarkable abilities in New York City. Her no-nonsense attitude and vibe that shouts 200% girl power is reflected in her signature all-black outfit that's easy to recreate with your wardrobe staples. Just grab your black pieces, your favourite denims, that hardcore attitude, and that's your Halloween look done!

Velma from Scooby-Doo

(photo from Instagram/@dappergeeknews)

One of the most memorable characters from a childhood classic, Velma was the epitome of geek chic back in the 90s. Just in time for Fall, take out your orange pullover, a red skirt, knee-high socks, Mary Janes, and some hipster specs to get you set with the rest of the Scooby gang for some mystery solving.


Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family

(photo from Instagram/@kayleymariecosplay)

Another cartoon favourite from the 90s, one of the easiest, yet Halloween-perfect looks, is Wednesday Addams. Go for a collared LBD or pair up your black dress with a white button-down, put on black leggings and black shoes, channel her signature braids, and you are all set! You can also carry around a skull prop to add some extra spooks! 


Fem! Marty Mcfly from Back To The Future

(photo from Instagram/@papanotzzi)

The most amazing thing about Halloween -- and 2016 in general -- is that people are getting more and more open to diversity. Fem! (or feminine gender-bender) cosplay has been around in the geek scene for quite some time now, but it's still fascinating how our favourite male characters are portrayed and reinvented, girl-power style! 

Take this Marty Mcfly look for example, where you can show your love for 80's fashion by layering shirts, button downs, varsity jackets, and pairing it up with denims, sneakers, and aviator sunnies. Just make sure you park your DeLorean where Biff can't find it, okay? 


Eleven from Stranger Things

(photo from Instagram/@melonhopper)

Want to go a little mainstream? Join the rest of the world and fall in love all over again with this Netflix original-turned-phenomenon! The main gal Eleven sports a simple ensemble in one of the most memorable scenes in the entire series and it's so easy to copy! Look up your closet for a pink dress, a blue hoodie, high socks, and simple sneaks to get the look and you also get yourself a reason to munch on a box of waffles (for prop purposes, of course *wink*).


Any other easy Halloween looks you can suggest? Share them with us in the comments below!


How many times have you created a power ensemble using blacks and reds? Or the times when you went for yellows and greens to uplift your mood on a Monday? From curating our daily OOTDs to simply picking out the lippie shade to wear, colours play a huge role in how we express ourselves with our wardrobe. It also helps us show off our mood and style in various ways, letting our fashion pieces speak for themselves.

So whether you're a gal who loves your pastels or you prefer to go for bolder mixes all-year-round, find out why your fashion staples' colour scheme say a lot about you more than you think! 



If you're the type who loves the simplicity and minimalism of monochromes, then your personality shouts practicality. The uni-tonal vibe of this colour scheme gives off an automatic chicness that's perfect for someone who's always on-the-go and upholds a no-nonsense attitude.


Sweet and lively, girls who love to highlight pastel pieces in their wardrobe are optimistic and fun to be with. Just like the easy-on-the-eyes vibe that pastels exude, preferring these shades compared to bold and deeper colours show your light and cheery attitude that is positively contagious to anyone you meet.


Colour block

(photo from Vanessaxlim)

Finding harmony in chaos, colour blocking is all about exceeding expectations and making bold statements. Loving this trend means that you are spontaneous, adventurous, and always seeking for new opportunities. Your bursts of energy are reflected in the bold colours you wear, making you stand out from the crowd with both your stylish fashion sense and your fun personality.


"Colour-of-the-year" trend

From emerald greens to rose golds, you are fashion-forward and are always up-to-date with the latest trends. It's not easy to stand out when you follow what everyone wants to try out but somehow, you make it work. Creative and flexible, you're amazing confidence allows you to rock every OOTD you wear, making you a great style inspo. 


Did we get your fashion personality on point? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!