Christmas Albums On Spotify You Should Stream | Clozette

‘Tis the time of the year when everyone is rockin’ around the Christmas tree and trying to have a happy holiday. We may not be able to have a white Christmas over here in the tropics, but we can still get the festive vibe on with these tunes on Spotify.

Christmas by Michael Bublé

If you’ve never heard this man’s voice float into a room around this time of year, you’re really missing out. This album is his seventh studio album, and features Bublé’s soothing vocals in his own renditions of hits such as All I Want for Christmas is You and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Christmas & Chill by Ariana Grande 

If your year was anything like ours — filled with ups, downs and unpredictable moments — fret not for we have the perfect album for you to Christmas & Chill to close off the year to. Featuring six tracks in her signature pop-R&B sound, Ariana Grande delivers beautiful performances to fill your halls with joy.

Christmas is Here! by Pentatonix 

Famous acapella group Pentatonix hit the charts this October with their third full-length holiday album, showcasing their impressive vocal skills. With their unique take on a medley of popular Christmas songs, this tracklist will have you dancing around the tree all night.

Christmas Songs by Frank Sinatra

How can you go wrong with a selection from one of the best-selling musicians of all time, Frank Sinatra? Keep this beautiful vintage album on loop at your Christmas party to have your guests sipping eggnog and humming along in jolly good cheer.

Christmas, With Love by Leona Lewis 

Despite having won The X Factor over 10 years ago, Leona Lewis still brings magic to the ears of every listener. Her creamy vocals are accompanied by fresh arrangements of beloved classics such as White Christmas and Silent Night.



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