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This Christmas, we’ve invited 3 lovely female guest influencers to share what their Christmas experience was like with their other half, and the best gift they’ve ever received from him – a gift that can never be bought.


Gwendolyn & Marcus

Christmas is certainly a joyous season for many, but for some others, it is something more – It is a spiritual occasion that they regard highly and strongly relate to. As a Roman Catholic, Christmas has always been an important day for Gwendolyn Ashley Toh, a day that she never fails to spend celebrating midnight mass in church with her family and friends. Last year, it was slightly different for Gwendolyn, but in a meaningful and memorable way. Her significant other, Marcus Goh, joined her family for Christmas both in church and at home.
Although the two sweethearts had only dated for about half a year at that point of time, it was a delightful surprise for Gwendolyn to see Marcus already clicking so well with her family members. There was even one time when Marcus took the initiative to help plan a birthday celebration for Gwendolyn’s Dad, as the air-stewardess herself was too busy juggling work and school!

The couple first met in school and often hung out and studied together, with the rest of their ‘Study-Kakis’. Hitting it off naturally, the two grew closer to each other and love took its course over time. As the both of them lead hectic lifestyles, dates may not be as easy to come by. On weekends when either one of them has to spend time with their own family, the other will try to join in, making the best out of every opportunity to be around each other. On other rare occasions where the lovebirds have some alone time, they would go for a game of bowling or a round of karaoke - just the two of them.
What is Christmas to you? 
It's the season of giving, and a time that reminds me of how much my loved ones mean to me. 

Do you guys have the habit of exchanging gifts? 
Yes we do!

Something interesting - if you are given a budget of $10, what would you get for your partner? 
Honestly... I think I would get him 2 McSpicy meals? (laughs) Marcus loves it and it's funny how much joy a simple burger can bring to him! If I have to give him something that isn't food related, I'd probably treat him to a few rounds of bowling as it’s one of his favourite pastimes.
Is it okay if your partner doesn’t give you a gift? 
I feel that gifting ignites a relationship and creates memorable moments between each other. That way, the relationship won't be so stagnant and we are less likely to take each other for granted. It also shows if we know what each other wants or needs in a way, and how much we actually pay attention to our loved ones. It doesn't have to be something expensive - a simple handmade card takes a lot of effort too. To me, it's the thought that counts!

Of course, at the same time, the lovely flight attendant feels that the best gift from her other half does not necessarily come in a material form.

If you have to choose only one trait of your partner as the best intangible gift you’ve received from him, what would you choose? 

Why that trait? 
I have never met anyone who has that much patience!
Share one event that tells you so! 
As an individual, I can be quite temperamental, but of course I don't get angry for nothing. There’s always a reason behind every situation that made me frustrated, although I had to admit that the reasons could be a little silly sometimes. However, no matter how silly those reasons were, Marcus never failed to reason things out to me calmly and find ways to appease me patiently - even during times when I stood by my stubborn stand. I feel that the way he handles our arguments and disagreements is really mature for his age (we are both 23). He makes me want to become a better person.

In exchange, what is the one intangible gift you can give to him for the rest of your life?  
Unconditional love. I never thought I could love anyone else the same way I love my family. But, ever since Marcus came into my life, he changed my perception and I realised the strength of my love for him. I guess when a love like this comes knocking at my door, everything else just falls into place beautifully :)

“If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.”

Gwendolyn Ashley Toh is an air-stewardess based in Singapore, who enjoys sharing about her life, travel experiences and fashion looks on her Instagram account, @omfgwen. Flying with Singapore Airlines as a cabin crew since 3 years back, Gwendolyn is also taking up a part-time degree with honours in Business Management at the University of Manchester (SIM).

Having learnt the piano since little, Gwendolyn was a freelance piano teacher before she started her career with Singapore Airlines. To her, being able to teach and share her passion with younger children was a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Gwendolyn sees her boyfriend, Marcus Goh, as both her soulmate and her mentor in life. Marcus is currently working in the sales industry.


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It’s a new year, a new day, and let’s start it by decluttering! No one likes throwing things away, but the feeling of relief washes over eventually. No more unnecessary things taking up space in your closet, storage, and vanity; and no more junk!

You may have said that you would use these things one day, but trust us, if you’re not using it now, you’re never going to. So if you want to purge and cleanse your home, keep reading below for the things you should be throwing out this new year!


Expired Makeup

(photo from MyMakeupOrganizer)

We shouldn’t even have to justify why you should throw out expired makeup, right? Not only can they cause infections, but the bacteria in them might even lead you to break out! So throw out all the makeup you have that are way past their expiration date, and you’ll feel glad that you now have extra space to buy even more makeup!

Rusty Jewellery

(photo from pupuren)

We love accessories, and because we don’t want to waste money, we buy the costume ones. You know, the relatively cheap pieces that won’t really cause you and your wallet some pain. Too bad they dont’ last forever, though! Costume jewellery generally rust and break apart after a few months or a year, and if you have any old ones lying around, it’s time to throw them away. Don’t start your year with some old, gunky accessories, and instead, invest in some pieces that will last you for years and years!

Clothes You Don’t Wear

(photo from hannatantoco)

Shopping may be therapeutic and exhilarating, but it can often lead to “over-shopping” — where you buy a ton of stuff but you end up not using them. So seriously go into your closet and evaluate each item of clothing that you own. Separate them into two categories, one that you constantly wear, and one that you haven’t worn at all. Give away or resell or throw out the latter category, because if you’re not wearing it now, you’re never going to!

Old Underwear

(photo from JessyTheKLChic)

Underwear, especially the ones made of good quality material, can last for years. But the regular cotton ones should be disposed of regularly, surprisingly sooner rather than later. Signs that you’re underwear is ready to be thrown out are if you’re bra’s underwire is starting to stick out, or the band has become loose. While if your bikini panties are beginning to look like granny underwear, then you know it’s time.

Broken Shoes

(photo from charleneajose)

When your shoe breaks, of course you should have it fixed! But when it’s broken three or more times, it’s time for it to meet its maker. There’s nothing wrong with repairing old shoes, it’s just that if they’re breaking more than being worn, it’s a sign that you should already look to buy a new pair. So for this new year, chuck away all your heels, flats, and sneakers whose materials are peeling and separating!

Unused and Old Electronics

(photo from AshleyYeen)

Does anyone really like hanging on to old cellphones, laptops, chargers, and more? Unless you’re planning on building your own museum on the history of electronics, we suggest throwing out (or better yet, selling) those old, unused gadgets. They're too bulky and are literally a waste of space. 


What are you throwing out in the new year? Let us know in the comment section below!



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Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner and with so many parties and celebrations to go to, it may feel a little bit overwhelming. We know you're stressed and tired, with all the deadlines being rushed before the year ends and planning all your year-end parties.

But with our tips, you can go from gorgeous to full-on glamorous in under an hour! Using makeup and skincare products you already have, you'll look ready to party all night long and camera-ready for any pictures you or your friends want to take!

So keep reading below for our tips and tricks to look luxe and glam this holiday season! 


Work that 'matte & highlighted' look

(photo from SmitaDeSouza)

To start off your makeup look, apply and blend your holy-grail moisturiser, foundation, and concealer all over your face and neck. Set everything using Avon’s 24K Gold Oil Control Pressed Powder to diminish shine where it shouldn’t be, and mist your face with a few spritzes of setting spray to lock in all those products, as well as adding a nice, healthy sheen!

Add a little shimmer

(photo from Perinsidhu)

What’s a holiday party without a little shimmer and glitter? Rock the hell out of your eye makeup by using a medium bronze shade all over your lids and a dark brown for your crease from Avon’s 24K Gold Medium Palette! The fine shimmers and neutral shades will give a subtle metallic finish to your eye look that won’t overpower, but complement the rest of your makeup. Brighten up your eyes by taking the soft beige shade from the palette and lightly dusting it on the inner corners of your eyes.

Pile on the mascara

(photo from cynthiatseng)

Nothing says ‘glamorous’ like thick, black, and bold lashes. Layer your go-to mascaras to amp up your lash’s volume, length, and definition! But, make sure your mascaras are either smudgeproof or waterproof because you don’t want them to be trickling down your face while you're out enjoying your celebrations.

Rock red lips

(photo from maybelinesim)

This is the season to hide your nude and neutral lipsticks because during the holidays, it's all about red. Celebrate with your friends and family with a bold, glossy lip from Avon’s 24K Gold Ultra Color Lipstick range! Enriched with real gold particles, this smooth and creamy lipstick will give your lips a gorgeous shiny and opaque finish that will last long after you’ve opened your presents!

Brush on a healthy glow

(photo from fionaseah)

Add some colour to your cheeks with a pinky peach blush for that healthy look. If you want to look more sun-kissed, blend your blush with a little bit of bronzer and apply it on the high points of your face like your cheeks, nose, and temples.

And now you're ready for the holidays!


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