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We always love a good beauty multi-tasker. Getting multiple benefits from just one product? Sign us up! So as beauty junkies, we were pleased to learn that Clarins just released new makeup products that promise to give that vivid glow of cosmetics as well as nourishing powers of skincare. 

Woman doing another woman's makeup using Clarins' new makeup launches

Makeup demo featuring Clarins' new makeup launches

Last 1 August, multi-tasking beauty products for you to love were introduced at the Clarins Makeup Marché held at The Botanic in Singapore. With Clarins Joli Rouge Lacquer, Joli Blush, Everlasting Youth Fluid, and Natural Lip Perfector, you can get the best of makeup and skincare all-in-one. Give your skin its much-needed TLC with Clarins’ new makeup launches created with organic and skin-loving ingredients.

Cover the bases

A woman putting a drop of Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid, a liquid foundation, on her wrist

Everlasting Youth Fluid, SGD60

Get the best of Clarins skincare and makeup combined in this uber-powerful yet ultra-light foundation. Available in 24 shades to fit all complexions, Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid promises to blur all spots and imperfections. To further make your look flawless, the liquid foundation’s creamy texture is infused with chicory plant and red jania extracts that help restore your skin’s youthful glow, making it smoother, and firmer in an instant. 

Get cheeky

Clarins Joli Blushes in three pinkish and peachy shades

Joli Blush, SGD55

Give your cheeks some colour with the Clarins Joli Blush that comes in six cheeky colours. Though it is ultra-pigmented, this blush that adapts to all types of skin tones lets your skin breathe with its fine feather-like texture. Fun fact: It’s also the first Clarins blush to be infused with nourishing hazelnut oil. If that isn’t enough, this blush fights skin ageing caused by pollution with its Anti-pollution Complex. And because of its pocket-friendly size, you can have your beauty touch-ups you wherever you go. 

Pucker up

Different shades of Clarins Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer and Clarins Natural Lip Perfector on display

Left: Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer, SGD40; Right: Natural Lip Perfector, SGD33

To finish off your look, Clarins’ new makeup launches offers two treats for your lips: Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer and Natural Lip Perfector. If you’re looking to get the moisturising benefits of a balm and the intensity of a lipstick, opt to wear Clarins Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer. Don’t be intimidated by the striking colour and vinyl shine of its five new shades as its creamy melting texture still hydrates and soothes your lips. For those who prefer something more lightweight, try out Clarins Natural Lip Perfector that contains shea butter for up to four hours of moisture. Now in four new shades, it gives you the colour-shine of the gloss minus the sticky feel. With these two, you’ll be sure to feel extra good about your plumper and softer pout. 

Women trying out different Clarins makeup products

Spotted Clozette Ambassador maybelinesim and Clozetter winterchee trying out Clarins' new makeup launches.

Experiment with new looks and nourish your skin while you're at it with Clarins’ new makeup launches. They're everything you need for a healthy and happy glow. Feel good and show your best self.

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As city-dwelling people, we’re no strangers to the many factors that can affect not just our dispositions but also our body. Add to that the hectic lifestyles we live and we’ve got more than a good reason for wanting to detox every part of our routine — our beauty regimen included. There are countless ways to do it, but the one to consider is using charcoal. Not that kind of charcoal! Activated charcoal has been used by many in different parts of their routines because it has purifying and detoxifying properties. If you’re new to the idea, let us help you out. Here are three ways you can use charcoal for beauty.

For purifying your hair

Being out and about makes your hair a magnet for dust, smoke and dirt. Just like for your skin, these particles are damaging to your hair’s health. Make sure you’re removing these from your hair but still maintaining its health. The new Pantene Micellar Charcoal is perfect for this.

Aside from the proven cleansing effects of micellar technology, the infusion of detoxifying charcoal magnetic reaction from the white charcoal extract in the formula ensures that your hair and scalp are free from micro-dirt. While it pulls out the bad things, it’s also made with nourishing ingredients that deeply nourish the hair — leaving you with tresses that are thoroughly cleansed and ultra-healthy. You’re sure to not only feel its purifying prowess but also smell it with its Fresh Leaves with Mosa-Mint scent.

For detoxing your skin

We all know how important exfoliating is on the skin, so making it part of your skin is a must. Doing so removes dead skin cells and reveals healthy skin. If you’re scared to delve into the world of acids, a milder approach would be using charcoal masks. They gently lift off impurities from your skin and prepares it for nourishment.

For whitening your teeth

A black product to make your teeth white? It might sound ridiculous, but don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it. Use a charcoal-infused toothpaste as part of your daily routine to lift off particles that promote yellowness on your teeth. It helps detox your oral area, too!

Incorporate charcoal into your routine and get the Pantene Micellar Charcoal Shampoo here and the Pantene Micellar Charcoal Conditioner here.



Though often overlooked, your nails add tons to your overall vibe. Your outfit is never complete without a good set of finely manicured nails. If done right, they can be treated as accessories by themselves. One sure-fire way to add a bit of glam to your everyday is by treating your nails as a canvas. That’s right — go ahead and have fun painting your nails with interesting designs. Plain-coloured nails are great for versatility, but take it up a notch by trying out differing shades, patterns, or even glittering gems. Check out how the Clozette Community aced their nail game with their chosen nail art designs.

Totally fruity

Nail art featuring fruits
Nail art featuring fruits
Nail art featuring fruits
Nail art featuring fruits
(Photo from: qiyunz)

Gold and pearl

Nails with pearl and glitter designs
(Photo from: GohSherlyn)

Subtly charmed

Differently coloured nails with subtle jewels
(Photo from: StilettoesDiva)

All blue

Blue nail art designs
Blue nail art designs
Blue nail art designs
(Photo from: melndrums)

Plain and simple

Plain nude-coloured nails
(Photo from: sparksofjoyce)

(Cover photo from: qiyunz)

While you’re at it, care for your nails’ health with these tips.