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Clean Up Your Instagram Feed With These 6 Tips

(cover photo from ngsabrina)

While spring is still a few months away, start 2016 right by cleaning up your social media accounts, specifically Instagram, where numerous fake accounts and spammers are abundant. Take the new year as an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate your social media presence and choose which photos and people to ditch, and which to keep!

If you’re having a hard time knowing where to start when it comes to ‘spring cleaning’ your Instagram account, we’re here to help! Just keep scrolling down for the 6 ways you can give your photo-sharing account a deep and thorough cleanse!


Stop Following Strangers

This step is totally up to you. If the “strangers” you’re following are people you admire or look up to, such as artists, celebrities, and the like, then by all means keep them! They’ll actually enrich your feed more. But if they're random everyday Joes and Janes, who post nothing serious or interesting, it’s time to let go. 

Delete Pictures That Overshare

No one likes an over-sharer. Keep a little mystery in your life by taking down pictures which you think are showing too much of you! That drunk college picture? Yes. Or that of photo of your bruised knee? Yup, remove it. Keep your photos to a minimum such as a gorgeous selfie, a beautifully laid out meal, and the like, and you and your followers will thank you for it!

Unfollow the Album Uploader

Let’s get this out of the way, Instagram is not Facebook. If you follow someone, be it a friend or a relative or an acquaintance, who constantly posts pictures by the dozen from the same event or location, click that ‘Unfollow’ button right now. But if you really want to post a lot of photos from the same event, instead of posting them all one by one, why not make a collage out of them? It gets the job done, and looks extra creative!

Clear Up Your Ads

Sadly, Instagram now has advertisements that randomly pop up. If you suddenly have photos of branded shoes or beautiful locations that suddenly come up in your feed, remove them. They may seem harmless when they come once or twice at a time, but if you allow them to build up in your newsfeed, you’ll be drowned in ads sooner rather than later! But of course, if an ad does come up and it's in your area of interest? By all means, keep them because they contribute to a clean feed that shows all your likes and interests!

Check Your Captions for Grammar and Spelling

Whether it’s a phrase, a full-blown paragraph, or an emoji-filled caption, make sure that you correctly spell/use them. In the world of social media, you actually open yourself to judgment. So if you want people to be impressed rather than grossed out, keep your captions clean and grammatically correct!

Hide Your Hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly helpful in getting your pictures out “there”. But they can ruin a good photo and caption too, especially if you use more than 5 at a time. So to solve that, just simply put your hashtags as a comment! It won’t ruin your photos and captions, but it will still be seen by thousands of people!


Got any more tips for cleaning up Instagram feeds? Share it with us below!