Clothes From Your Mom You Can Rock Today | Clozette

(cover photo from tinavcruz)

The vintage fever is on! To nail this trend, you need not look far or buy "new" ones from the store because chances are, your mom still has them. Take a trip through your mom's closet and give all her clothes a look-through to find trendy vintage pieces that fit you. You'll be surprised at the treasures you find! 

Here are the 5 items you can borrow from your mom's closet that are so in-style today!


A-Line Dresses

(photo from PhyliciaMarie)

Patterned dresses that have an A-line shape are one of the most flattering silhouettes a girl can wear. It's fit from shoulder to waist and loose from the waist down, giving you the illusion of an hourglass figure. Extra vintage-points if you wear one with a peter-pan collar or a patterned fabric. This plus a bag and oxfords will bring you straight to the past in style!

Lace-up Tops

(photo from xaereeia)

We're all aware of the rise of the bohemian trend and with that comes the ascend of the lace-up footwear. However, this lace-up style is also present in flowy and hippie-like tops! They're perfect for anyone because it's loose shape flatters all body types. 

Wide-Legged Pants

(photo from Chevronz)

Big is definitely in this season and the wide-legged pants are leading the way. You can opt for either the flare jeans for a casual vibe; culottes for a boho-chic style; or the wide-legged slacks for an elegant look. Just make sue you balance out the structure and size of the pieces and you're good to go! 

Anything Plaid

(photo from kattvaldez)

Plaid, or anything from that pattern family such as houndstooth, gingham, and checkered, are such vintage statement pieces. It can look either boyish, preppy, or grunge depending how you style and which pieces you pair it with. We suggest you make it the star of your vintage-inspired outfit for a simple yet striking look!

Midi Skirt

(photo from Paperkitties)

Last but certainly not the least is this fashion community favourite: the mid skirt. This skirt can be styled in different ways according to the feminine vibe you're feeling. It has a modest and conservative look but you can make it preppy by pairing it with a collared top or make it look more fun and modern with a cropped top!  



(cover photo from GelaMunoz)

We're calling it--white sneakers is a must-have staple in your shoe wardrobe. If you don't have one yet, then maybe you have yet to experience the comfort and style this pair of shoe adds to your whole look. Despite its colour, the magic of shoe designers and brands from all over the world have given it a whole new façade--making it as essential as your black pumps and ballet flats.

To help you update your shoe rack, here are 5 white sneakers you need in your life for a fail-proof outfit every single time. 



For The Sneakerhead

(Get It Here)

Sneaker-head or not, a white pair from either Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma (and what have you) should be a mainstay in your shoe rack. Aside from providing immense comfort to your soles, it also functions well for those errands-all-day kind of day.

Comfiest of all

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Lazy but still need to go somewhere and look presentable? Match this comfy type of white sneaker, the slip on, to any of your no-fail outfits. Plus points if you wear it with jeans and top for that extra lazy yet stylish vibe.  

Basic and Failproof

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This type of white sneaker is like the "commercial" version of the "sneakerhead" as its design is less iconic and more basic. Don't let that fool you. It's "non-eyecatching" design is its main asset because (wait for it) it matches anything! From style, to colour, to trend, this type of sneaker can be added 95% of your casual pieces. 

Girly and Laced-up

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If you insist on adding flowers to your white sneaker then that's not a problem. Just lace-up! As in, wear a sneaker that uses lace fabric for that pretty and feminine vibe. It's delicate and sporty, stylish and functional, and you can never go wrong with wearing a pair of this for those dressier days.

The Designer

(Get It Here)

Disclaimer: only buy this pair if you are 1) a white sneaker addict; and 2) financially capable of buying one for yourself without losing all your savings. Yes, even sneakers are pricey, especially if they're from a signature brand. But if you really found a perfect and unique design that you can't stop thinking about-- go ahead and buy it. It will last you for years, thus making it cost-effective in the long run.



As always, it's been a fashion-filled week! As we approach mid-September, we're seeing more fashion forward looks from the community members. It's not just the usual monochrome, basic, and casual looks. We're starting to see more flowy clothes, loose silhouettes, and warmer colours. Can this be a sign of new trends coming in?

Here are the top 5 looks from our trendsetting Clozetters this week!




The weather in Manila is bipolar, sometimes it's hot and then suddenly it shifts to a downpour of rain. What we love about Clozette Ambassador GelaMunoz's look is that it satisfies the demands of both. The top and pants combination is a no-fuss outfit for the sunny weather, while the loose coat is a great add-on for the sudden cold and rain.  



The thing about wearing the bohemian or hippie trend is that it can sometimes look costume-y if you don't keep it balanced. This look by Star Clozetter rhygnb is the epitome of a balanced and well thought-out OOTD. We love how the sandals tie everything together and the print on her romper is simple and chic. 



Fringe, black, leather, and heels? Nothing is more fashion forward than that! We love that this all-black ensemble plays with the textures of the fabric that makes you pay attention to the details of the look. This is fierce and elegant at the same time. 



A beauty girl like our Clozette Abassador Junedujour always know how to pul off an all-out glam look to match her MOTDs. This outfit in particular caught our eye because of the combination of lace, denim, and lace-up leather heels. They style may seem to clash but it all went well together with proper styling.  



Clozette Ambassador cassansaurusanaesi does it again! She is always fashion forward, and always a step forward in mixing and matching clothes and styles. For this look, she plays with texture, cut, and colour that results in a boho-chic look that turns heads in an instant!