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Our perception of 'taking inspiration' from something or someone, especially when it comes to fashion, has been completely changed by technology in just the past decade. Before, it was much easier to come up with a look that you think is completely your own because the Internet was not a staple in our lives.  

Now, both a conscious or unconscious imitation of a fashion ensemble can cause serious drama, considering that a simple Google search can christen you guilty of so-called 'style plagiarism.' But where does the thin line between 'taking inspiration' and 'deliberate imitation' begin and end? Here's what we have to say.

"Yes, imitation is a form of flattery. But too much of it can only devalue the copier — and seriously, who wants to be called a copycat? There is a fine line between imitation and inspiration. We’re always inspired and there is no shame in taking inspiration in the spirit of creation. The challenge here is to turn the inspiration around and steer it towards a new direction based on our own interpretation and individuality."


"I agree with what Chuck Palahnuik said in his book Invisible Monsters. He said, 'Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known.' It's true. We pick up something from each person we interact with, sometimes even those we just see on TV, the Internet, in movies, and more. I think it's inevitable to imbibe something from someone especially if you admire that person. I would say, though, that there's a very, very thin line between getting inspired and blatantly imitating someone. It's inevitable to get inspired, but don't ever copy. And if you ever lift something off from someone's style, make sure you give them credit."

"In a world where everything seems to have already been created and invented, it is hard to think of something that is 100% your own — and there's nothing wrong with that. Even great philosophers, style icons, or gurus in any field have someone or something that sparked the genius in them. It is when someone deliberately writes off where they got their inspiration from to claim all credit for themselves does the playing field get dirty. Ignorance doesn't excuse anyone from committing this as well. If you're unsure about your so-called 'brainchild', a quick search on the Internet if someone pioneered it before you wouldn't hurt. Same goes for giving a shoutout to that person. All I'm saying is that why not go for a collaborative approach rather than a cunning one?" 

"It's hard to be completely original since new ideas can come from different inspirations. However, blatant copying is never acceptable. If you're going to take an idea and put your own twist to it then you definitely have to credit your inspiration. For example, YouTubers constantly create content that takes inspiration from other creators yet they don't forget to mention their original source. In today's fast-paced society that predisposes shallow and hurried thinking, great ideas should always be credited to the original creator."

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The weekend is almost upon us once again, friends. Are you excited to just lounge around in your pyjamas all day? We are! But we’re packing a few fun news pieces to ponder on. Here are just a few of them.

Tommy x Gigi

There’s a new Tommy x Gigi Hadid sunglasses style out. Inspired by the ‘90s, the glasses have a rock-and-roll-inspired vibe that’s very reminiscent of the style during that time.

Fenty Holiday

After its massive launch, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is striking while the iron is hot by announcing the release of their holiday collection. Consisting of an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks and eyeliners, the collection will be available at all Sephora stores starting 13 October.

Riley Rose

Forever 21 is going to bring your makeup dreams to life. Just like their big fashion stores, the fast fashion brand is launching a mega beauty store called Riley Rose. But contrary to what may be expected, the brand will actually not carry any Forever 21 merchandise. Instead, it will house hard-to-find brands with a cult-like following, as well as brands that are now household names.

Penshoppe Goes Bold

The Filipino clothing brand is all about making a bold statement with their latest collection, Generation Now. Explore the collection, which personifies the brand’s latest endorser, Bella Hadid’s personal style — cool, relaxed, and has a mix of sexy and sporty.

(Cover photo from: @rileyrose)

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As fashionistas, we're always on the lookout for fashion inspirations. We usually find them by watching people on the streets, surfing community pages, and scrolling through our Instagram feed. But how about finding them through zodiac signs? It's not as funny as you might think it is. 

Whether it's a fashionable fictional character, celebrated style icon or a popular influencer, find out who among these personalities best embodies your fashion taste according to your zodiac sign. 

Aries: Aria Montgomery From PLL

Just like Aria from Pretty Little Liars (PLL), you're spunky, adventurous and full of energy. You're not afraid to take reasonable risks in every aspect of your life, including your fashion choices. Aria's edgy, fashion-forward style consists mixed patterns, prints and contrasting colours. She's definitely all about layering and putting together unexpected pieces. Her wardrobe must-haves are statement accessories, belts, boots, vests, and tights. 

Taurus: Grace Kelly

The Taurus sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance. Your style is very feminine and elegant yet comfortable. If you'd have it your way, you'll only wear the most luxurious designer clothing. You have an old soul and adore vintage-style clothing. That's why your style hero is the poised and polished Princess Grace Kelly. She was often seen wearing immaculate and minimalist pieces like tailored pants, shirt dresses, and A-line dresses in solid neutral colours or romantic prints. 

Gemini: Olsen Twins

Admit it, you're a little bit moody and it shows in your fashion sense. One day, you'll go all out in a loud ensemble then go all-black the next. However, one thing is for sure: your style will never be described as boring. Because of your tendency to switch styles often, it's only fitting that your style soulmate (or soulmates) is the iconic Olsen Twins. The duo is often spotted together sporting opposite but complementary styles. Their choices range from minimalist chic to scene-stealing designs. Honestly, just like you, they're the epitome of predictably unpredictable.

Cancer: Selena Gomez

You're a certified homebody, and you treasure your homey pyjamas more than any other clothing piece that you own. But you know that you have to look a little bit dressed up when you step out of the house. So your solution is to master the art of normcore. Take a cue from sweetheart Selena Gomez's style, which is all about sneakers, jeans, joggers and flowy dresses. 

Leo: Serena Van Der Woodsen From Gossip Girl

Manhattan's It Girl can dress like a cabbage and still manage to look gorgeous. We're thinking it has something to do with that charismatic and confident attitude that people born under the sign of Leo possesses. You're loud and proud, and you choose designs that will put you in the limelight. Be careful not to go over-the-top though or you'll risk looking tacky. Avoid committing a fashion faux pas and learn how to pair eye-catching pieces to create a memorable ensemble by looking at Serena's costumes.

Virgo: Betty Cooper From Riverdale

People always say that you're a prim and proper lady. And to some extent, it's accurate. You've got a talent for keeping an eye on details and making sure that everything's neat and tidy. You tend to gravitate towards lady-like, conservative pieces with a touch of playfulness. You'll find Betty Cooper's preppy style resonates with you. She's usually dressed in adorable cardigans and pleated skirts in muted pastel colours. 

Libra: Zooey Deschanel

You're fun, sociable and outgoing. You love girly, quirky ensembles that are still casual and super comfortable. To match your style to your personality, steal some tips from Zooey's adorkable style. Laidback yet bright and colourful pieces like striped sweaters and Peter-Pan-collared tops are must-haves. Add on some really quirky accessories like heart-shaped sunnies, strawberry earrings and so on.

Scorpio: Alexa Chung

You're intense and your style reflects that. Your fashion exudes that magnetic and mysterious allure. Style icon Alexa Chung embodies this style very well. Her effortlessly cool outfits are not just trendy but are instant classics. 

Sagittarius: Jenn Im

Two words to describe you: energetic and enthusiastic. You love to wear clothing that's not restrictive, and is stylish and suitable for some outdoor action. Jenn Im's practical ensembles are a great inspo for you. Aside from her athleisure-type outfits, she also rocks other casual outfits that often include bomber jackets, bodysuits, and sensible footwear.

Capricorn: Emma Watson

You're ambitious and headstrong. In other words, you were born to be a #ladyboss. You don't buy an item because it's trendy. Instead, you carefully choose quality basic pieces. We often see Emma Watson in simple black and white outfits. Take note of how she adds little details to transform seemingly masculine pieces into a chic ensemble. 

Aquarius: Carrie Bradshaw From Sex And The City

Aquarius babies have a reputation for being eccentric and imaginative. You may not be as outspoken as the next person but you prefer your actions to do the talking. You're definitely a Carrie! You love playing with elaborate pieces and you're not afraid to commit fashion crimes if it means you get to wear what you want. Just like Carrie, you remain fabulous even in the most distressing situation. 

Pisces: Olivia Palermo

Much like Aquarius, you're not much of a talker either. However, you prefer conventional outfits with a bit of flair. You don't really like to be the centre of attention but you still love to dress up. You'll definitely love Olivia Palermo's amazing-without-trying-too-hard style. 

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