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Clozette Chats: Is Work-Life Balance Achievable?

Here's how we weigh in the odds!

With most everything fast-paced and digital, the line between work and play grows immensely thin. No matter where we are or what time it is, we can reach and be reached almost instantly, changing the way our jobs intersect with our lives. We get so caught up with our work patterns that moving outside of it seems somehow inevitable, which leads to the question: Is work-life balance still possible despite the circumstances?

"Work-life balance is definitely achievable only if you have these two fundamental values: integrity and discipline. Integrity in the workplace can mean many things, one of which is to uphold pride and ownership over your work responsibilities. Passion is important, too. As Marc Anthony says: 'If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.'

With integrity comes discipline to not only know when to 'switch on' before you clock out but also to know when to 'switch off' when it's outside working hours. Ultimately, a good working environment that allows you to thrive and feel empowered forms the basis of work-life balance."

"I think it's hard, if not impossible, to strike a perfect balance when it comes to life. Even our priority lists and to-do lists have hierarchies. In that sense, there are things that we have to put more premium on than others. So, for me, what's important is to determine which ones you want to give most of your time and energy to. But always choose you (your health, your needs and your wants)."

"Recently, the term 'work-life balance' seemed to have earned a negative connotation. Some people think it's a way of complaining, others think it's a matter of compromising one over the other. But going by my personal philosophy and practices, I honestly believe it is possible. I think the problem here is that people immediately associate it to the perfect '50/50' situation, when in fact, 'balance', in this case, is more of a flexible term of not having to neglect or abandon one thing over the other.  Choosing the percentage or rate these factors are portioned is entirely up to you.

I firmly stand by the idea that setting limits for yourself and managing your time correctly is the key to getting that thin line between 'work' and 'play' right. Not having enough time for either is, and will always be, an excuse and a factor that we have set for ourselves in the first place. So why wouldn't we have power to change that?"

"I believe that life is full of trade-offs and that achieving work-life balance is a matter of setting priorities. You have to determine the things that you value most in life, and strive to become the best in whatever endeavour that we choose. Let go of the idea of the perfect and balanced life and instead focus on the activities and roles that give you fulfilment and happiness."

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