Clozette Chats: Travelling Or Investing?

Here's what we think

It's become normal to see travel photos from friends, family and even strangers when we scroll through our social media feeds. Travelling and satisfying wanderlust have become rather popular in recent years. Being able to visit new places has become more accessible to many. There are also stories of how some people have traded their jobs with living a vagabond life.

It all sounds enticing, but the rise of popularity for this kind of lifestyle has sparked controversy. Although the criticism is undeserved, millennials are often criticised for not investing (in the stock market, in bonds or even in real estate). This had us thinking: should we be travelling instead of investing? 

In an ideal world, striking a healthy balance between the two would be perfect. Travelling and investing make us richer in different ways. But whoever said you can’t travel and invest at the same time? Do both, but pick one that gives you a more valuable experience — then do that more. As for me, I want to travel and open my eyes to new adventures, new cultures, and new memories. There’s really no better time to travel than now while I’m still young and able. The key is to travel smart.

One thing I learned in life is that it's possible to get everything you want... but they won't necessarily come at the same time. So, for me, you have to know what works best for you at the moment. If you feel like travelling is a form of investment in yourself and you can afford it (without hurting your future plans), go ahead and do so. If you're more the type to want to secure your future in terms of investing in properties and bonds or more, start investing in that.  

I've seen a lot of stories and statements about ditching your corporate job and pursuing your #TravelGoals and I actually think it's amazing — at least if you've weighed down all your options and are willing to deal with the consequences. I don't think it's wrong to want to travel, but treating it as a 'need' more than a 'want' feels a bit problematic to me. Having a grand trip or two to look forward to and to motivate you to keep on working makes more sense to me than having a go at it every time there's an airline booking sale (it might be costing you more than you think, in summary). And yes, 'gaining experiences' are important, but so is securing your future — remember that.

Ideally, you'd do both. For me, you don't really have to ultimately choose between travelling and investing; these two things are not mutually exclusive. You can invest part of your savings in mutual funds, time-deposits or even the stock market and save the remaining for travel. As a young person, if you want to travel and gain experience, you don't need to do it in a lavish manner. Be smart with booking hotels and airplane tickets so you can save money. In the end, it's all about attaining a balance between being practical and going after your wanderlust.

(Cover photo from: StilettoesDiva)

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