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Clozette Chats: Which Is Better — A Curated Or A Candid Social Feed?

Should one really be on top of the other?

People often tag Instagram as the most aspirational form of social media. This may be because a single photograph can be telling of so many things and there are always two choices as to how we're going to show our message to others; it can either be beautifully curated to symbolise everything good and perfect about the memory or something candid that shows its spontaneity.

With this lies the question: which is better, a curated or a candid feed?

When it comes to life on social media, my bottom line is, what you see is what I choose to show you. And that's totally okay. While some people like their feed a little bit more personal and candid, others prefer a curated feed — whether it's for visual impact or for branding purpose. Whichever it is, both are still telling a story they call their own. For a visual animal like me, I try to keep to a certain aesthetic on my public Instagram feed. It's just easier on my eyes, not anyone else's.


I'm usually a "whatever floats your boat" type of person when it comes to these things as I equally admire those with really pretty feeds and those that can post whatever they fancy. I'm torn about the clashing ideas of putting out something that you actually made an effort in creating and something that was caught in the moment and unfiltered. But in the end, I guess, as long as you stay authentic to yourself and your audience (and you're not doing things just for the sake of getting likes and validation), it shouldn't matter if you have a curated grid or not.

My feed has always been dynamic and the photos I post are usually reflective of my mood or what's going on in my head. To me, the most important thing is that you don't feel coerced to keep up with a curated feed just to impress others; you don't go antagonising people who like theirs in contrast to how you like yours; and you realise that there are stories that go beyond these photos that you see. It is good to note that leading a curated or a candid life on social media is never reflective of a 'perfect' life, only that people choose to share their own vivid moments on their feed because, to them, those are the ones worth remembering. I strongly believe that as long as it reflects who you are and you like what you're putting out there, then at the end of the day, it's your choice that matters — it's your feed after all.  

I believe that an Instagram feed is like a movie of your own life told in little squares. Are 'based-on-a-true-story' films the most accurate depiction of real life events? Of course not. But the cuts and edits are what make them interesting and enjoyable to watch. It's the same with a curated feed. As long as the story you're telling is authentic, no matter how curated or rehearsed you present it does not matter. It's all about the art of storytelling. We curate because we want people to pay attention to what we have to say. What good is a story if no one will listen?

(Cover photo from: annefermano)

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