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The first half of the year has gone, but it isn’t too late to work on our mid-year resolutions. Every day is another chance to learn. Because of that, this month, we’re all eyeing stuff that can help us get through the day. Self-care and improvement is our top priority, and we’re looking at these fashion and beauty picks that can help bring out our better selves.


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Top fashion and beauty picks this month include these Chloe C bags

The Chloe C bag, price unavailable

“Over time I've come to realise that investing in pieces that will last you a long time is better than acquiring trendy pieces on a whim. While I've dismissed the idea of buying designer bags before, I'm slowly warming up to it now. When you think of the cost per wear, it surely seems more practical. My eyes are on the Small Chloe C bag. The ones in the fall/winter 2019 collection come in hues that are hard to resist.“


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Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance by Angela Lee Duckworth, price unavailable

“As someone who's about to reach life's first quarter mark in less than a year, my perception of things like 'success', 'fulfilment', and 'happiness' has become tricky. So I figured that maybe I can pick up some points from Angela Lee Duckworth's new book to give me a new and more positive outlook. Elaborating the ideas on her Ted Talk on the power of grit and how it empowers a person to strive for long-time goals, I believe this read will serve as a great inspiration and motivation to combat my impending quarter-life questions and dilemmas.”


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Orange-striped crop top and midi skirt

Kate Spade New York Summer 2019 RTW Stripe Crop Top and Midi Skirt, prices unavailable

"You know the quote that goes, 'Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day?' I totally agree with that. It's hard not to get sloppy in terms of how you dress when things get too hectic. But I would say that along with maintaining a proper skincare routine and exercise regimen, putting effort into your outfit will make you feel better, more confident and in control of your life. I've always loved dainty pieces with a splash of colour, and I haven't shopped for new clothes for quite some time so I'm eyeing these two cheerful pieces from the Kate Spade NY Summer 2019. I can wear them together or mix and match them with other pieces from my wardrobe depending on my mood."


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Shu Uemura Nobara Collection Pressed Eyeshadow

Shu Uemura Nobara Collection Pressed Eyeshadow, SGD25 (Photo from: @shuuemura)

“I’ve never been really good at applying eye makeup because I have hooded lids and, therefore, do not have much space to put colours on. Usually, when I do a full-face makeup look, I waste half an hour trying to perfect my lids. That’s why my goal for this month is to be better at my eyeshadow game. For that, I’m looking for an eyeshadow I can practice with daily. I’m already eyeing Shu Uemura’s Pressed Eye Shadow from their recently launched Nobara collection because it seems versatile and can be used day or night. Their brick rose-tinged shades would add a pretty warm yet natural glaze to my eyes — perfect for a sublime look for casual affairs.” 


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Facial cleansing device FOREO LUNA 3 in blue, pink and lavender

FOREO LUNA 3 Facial Cleansing & Firming 2-in-1 Device, SGD299

“As a fan of Swedish beauty tech brand FOREO, I was ecstatic when I heard that they will be launching the highly anticipated LUNA 3. What's cool is that FOREO now has an app which allows you to personalise your skincare, including the type of facial massage you wish! How convenient that the FOREO only takes a minute to remove all dirt and grime that causes breakouts after a long workday. My best takeaway is that this device removes your makeup while cleansing and firming your face, saving the hassle of using multiple products.”


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Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask, SGD80

“I have eczema so my skin dries out really easily. I am excited to try Fresh's newly launched Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask. It's a two-step mask that is easily absorbed and leaves your skin supple the next day! Because I love going under the sun, I always need something to help replenish the moisture on my skin.”


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Samsung Galaxy Fit Silver

Samsung Galaxy Fit, SGD168 (

"As a fitness junkie, I’d love the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Fit for its fitness tracker. I think I can be dependent on it in ways that will surprise me. I can rely on it to monitor my daily sleeping patterns, which would help me to adjust my sleep cycle to get quality rest. This little device will help me understand my body in ways I’ve never imagined."

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Sometimes, it’s pretty hard to trust newly released skincare products. We want to make sure that they’re safe and effective for our skin. Thankfully, L’Occitane Beauty Market is here to give us some peace of mind. Here, you can come and see for yourself the natural freshness of your fave L’Occitane products. 

L'Occitane Beauty Market sketch

Experience the natural

L'Occitane Beauty Market event map

(Photo from: Hannahchia)

All around the adorable flower-filled market are booths where you can experience the freshness of L’Occitane. Take a walk around the modern take on the quaint farmer’s market to see what actually goes behind the creation of your go-to skincare products. For one, you can go and create your almond milk in an instant at Jaubert’s Almond Milk. Be sure to also check out the mythical Imortelle Reset Fountain, where time goes back and water flows upwards, showing you how the L’Occitane Imortelle Reset Serum can stop the clock for your skin. L’Occitane Beauty Market has lots of Insta-worthy and magical experiences in store for you, so take your time and explore.

Imortelle Reset Fountain

Imortelle Reset Fountain

Take part in L’Occitane Beauty Market workshops

Hands holding two jar of handmade bath salts

Bath Salt Making

If you love pampering yourself during bath time, then check out their Bath Salt Making during Mondays, where you can create your very own bath treat to take home. If you’re tired of wandering around, take part in their Tea Blending Workshop available on Tuesdays, and blend a relaxing cuppa for yourself. Lastly, for those having bad hair days during this humid rainy season, go to their Hair & Scalp consultation station to learn what’s best for your locks. 

Bring home the best

L'Occitane Beauty Market

After spending the day visiting all the stations at L’Occitane Beauty Market, end your day with a treat! That’s right — after trying out their best-selling products, you can take home the best of Provence for free. 

Want to try out this one-of-a-kind shopping experience? Head to ION Orchard B4 Station. Open from 27 June to 9 July, this serves as the first stop to L’Occitane Beauty Market’s tour around Southeast Asia. Skip the queue and pre-register here.



There's really no stopping innovations in beauty technology today. Following the news of wearable skincare and YouTube launching AR makeup try-ons now comes Shiseido's new skincare subscription service. The Japanese beauty and skincare company introduces Optune, a 10,000 yen (~USD92) monthly subscription service that uses a smartphone app and a serum dispenser to deliver a bespoke and optimal skincare experience to its user. The service is said to be the solution for those who find it hard to get the right products for their skin woes. But how exactly does it work? 

Scan, analyse, deliver

Just like most of today's tech advancements in beauty, Shiseido's Optune makes use of the power of our smartphones to start working its magic. Using the iOS software the company has developed, the user is asked to take a photo of their skin to detect surface-level skin conditions. It then takes its analysis a step further by asking the user to input other factors that could affect their skin, such as one's menstrual cycle, sleeping patterns and other lifestyle attributes to ensure a more accurate assessment. 

The results are then sent to the cylinder dispenser that is said to cover and detect 80,000 skin patterns to ensure you find the right serum mix to match your skin's needs. The perfect concoction is made possible by installing five cartridges called Optune Shots to the dispenser, which is given to the user based on the information they input upon their application of the service. 

Innovative but not exactly new

As we mentioned previously, while this is an interesting development, it's not exactly something jaw-dropping at this point. After all, there's Clinique iD, which allows you to customise your moisturiser; there are also brands like Curology, Kiehl's, and Skin Inc. that offer concoctions for more bespoke yet uncomplicated skincare. And of course, who could forget The Ordinary's budget-friendly mix-and-match philosophy?

But what may be the upside to Shiseido's service is the idea of commitment and constancy. Similar to how you finally subscribe to the gym to push yourself to workout, this service may just be the answer if you find it hard to retain a routine due to your schedule (or any other excuses!). This is because not only is it an investment given the price, but it's also an appliance that would be glaring at you if you don't use it. 

But is it worth it?

Just like any other emerging beauty product, trend or tech, only time will tell if something is truly worth what it's promising. In the case of the Shiseido Optune subscription service, paying USD92 a month isn't exactly friendly on the budget. But as we highlighted earlier, it really depends on what you want to get out of your skincare experience. For us, we have yet to see where this tech will take us and what the reviews will say. 

Shiseido Optune Skincare Subscription Service

(Photo from:

Still, don't let this stop you if the Shiseido Optune subscription service piqued your interest. Optune is still not available outside of Japan, but the beauty company is looking to expand the service soon globally for more people to try, enjoy, and invest in. This serves as good news since it will give you more than enough time to think about your decision.

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