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In partnership with artist, drag queen and supermodel Miss Fame, NYX Professional Makeup conducted a series of makeup masterclasses around Asia. During the Singapore leg of their tour, the Clozette team caught up with Miss Fame for a round of quickfire questions. Watch the video and scroll down below to find out about this stylish and daring multi-hyphenate’s take on glamour, haute couture and '90s supermodels.

Bold Eyes or Bold Lips?

"Bold eyes. And the reason for me is I really like to create a focus point where people see you first when they talk with you. So features are very important. It’s actually hard to answer that because both those features are my main focus. But I take a lot of time to do the eye — it’s like the first start to my makeup and it takes a lot of time to do a properly evolved eye but I feel like if you can master a proper eye then you don’t have to take much more time elsewhere. The skin can look fresh and the eye can be the most dramatic statement."

Leather or Silk?

"Leather because it’s a strong fabric and I find it to be just powerful. There’s something about leather that really represents commanding energy and I think it looks like you’re a badass."

Laid back or Glam?

"Glam. All the time. I’m obsessed with glamour; I would want to be perceived in glamour every day of my life even though I’m very laid-back when I’m at home. When I’m working, it’s always glamour 120-130 per cent. Push, push, push!"

Hair or Makeup?

"Makeup. The reason being: it’s what I do; I’m obsessed with makeup. And even if I didn’t have the perfect hair or the perfect wig to finish the look, I could accessorise it with a hat, I could wrap my hair in a scarf, and if the face is perfect then everything else is gonna look cool."

Precision Brow Pencil or Microbrow Pencil?

"That’s tricky. Let’s say Microbrow because I really wanna get nice details and that’s gonna give me that."

Mineral Stick Foundation or Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation?

"For the climate we’re in, I’ll say Can’t Stop Won’t Stop because in this climate we really need to have something that’s gonna give you long wear and mattification. And as soon as you step outside, the humidity? You’re gonna need something that’s gonna be [a] bulletproof foundation and that’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop."

'90s Supermodels or Old Hollywood Icons?

"I can’t answer that one… I’ll say '90s supermodels because I take inspiration from the genres that you asked. But Linda Evangelista in the '90s was like my all-time mega inspiration for all eternity."

Vivienne Westwood or Jean Paul Gaultier

"Jean Paul Gaultier. That being I just saw his show in Paris for the couture shows and he really brings you a proper Parisian-style couture show. He’s also one of the still-standing ateliers with the house represented by the actual artist so in an era where couture is becoming maybe diluted a little bit because you’re starting to have people like creative directors behind the name, he is still the name and the creative director and the artist creating the whole vision. And his show’s just mind-blowing; you literally feel like you’ve entered another stratosphere of fashion."



Check this: ice cream and skincare? Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. French luxury skincare brand Clarins is running the Clarins Ice Cream Bar  at ION Orchard, B4 Singapore. In partnership with gelato boutique Birds of Paradise, Clarins is going to unveil its newest products alongside scoops of delicious ice cream. With eight of the boutique’s best-selling flavours and a limited edition Clarins flavour, guests can enjoy their sweet treat while receiving personalised skincare tips from their resident beauty experts.

Clarins Ice Cream Bar in Singapore

Flavours to choose from are Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Mango Sorbet, Earl Grey Lemongrass, White Chrysanthemum, Hazelnut, Rose Peach Sorbet, Spiced Pear and the Clarins special, Cherry Basil. The Clarins flavour is a reference to the Acerola Cherry, a key ingredient in the brand's White Plus Range, which specialises in brightening the skin to deliver a soft, youthful and rosy glow. The ice cream is white and pink —  a nod to the White Plus Range’s signature colour scheme.

Clarins Ice Cream Bar Products

Some new releases from the brand are the Hydra-Essentiel Moisturising Reviving Eye Mask and the Hydra-Essentiel Moisture-Replenishing Lip Balm. The eye mask contains organic leaf of life whose moisturising properties coupled with Clarins’ special formulation claim to boost hydration by 113% in 10 minutes. Meanwhile, blue lotus wax is the standout ingredient for the Moisture-Replenishing Lip Balm, which coats the lips with a nourishing film to keep them soft and supple for hours. In addition, Clarins will also be unveiling its Spring 2019 makeup collection targeted towards selfie enthusiasts with the hashtag #selfiereadywithclarins. These include the Instant Poreless primer, the Glow2Go dual-ended highlighter and blush, and the Ready In A Flash eyeshadow palette featuring six sparkly shades and a quirky smartphone-like casing.

Clarins Ready In A Flash eyeshadow palette

Clarins Ready In A Flash eyeshadow palette

To avail of the customised skincare experience, visitors can take a simple quiz to find out which skincare and makeup treats will work for them and be advised by Clarins’ beauty experts. Also included is a one-minute lip touch-up. Don’t forget to take some pictures at the interactive photo corners!

Interactive games and displays at Clarins Ice Cream Bar

Catch the Clarins Ice Cream Bar at ION Orchard from 8 March to 17 March, 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM SST.



Happy Women's Day, ladies! Before you go out for a night of celebration, take a moment to catch up with the latest news in fashion, beauty and stylish living. This week, we've got an exciting beauty launch that will make you nostalgic, an amusing royal update and more. Keep reading to know the tea.

Pucker up with these Clueless lip glosses

(Photo from:

Nostalgia really is a big thing right now and these Clueless lip glosses press the point even more. Following brands like Storybook Cosmetics, Hot Topic and Ciate London who have recently released makeup lines inspired by '80s, '90s and even early 2000s movies and TV shows, pop culture-centric shop Boxlunch introduces glosses that Cher and Dione would totally be proud of.  Aside from featuring the iconic title in its tube, the caps also feature designs referencing Cher and Dione's signature looks from the movie. The three high-shine glosses are packaged in a PVC pocketbook-style mini bag, complete with a pink pom-pom on its handle. 

Tarte launches 'Foundcealer'

Tarte's newest launch mixes the powers of foundation and concealer by introducing the Babassu Foundcealer Multi-tasking Foundation. As the name suggests, the foundation is said to be intensely full-coverage that you wouldn't need to top it off with concealer. It also boasts skincare and sun-protect properties like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and, of course, a ton of SPF. Tarte also seemed to have learned their lesson when it comes to shade range as this new release gets an expansive treatment, giving us 30 on its initial launch.

Ofra is getting a makeover

Goodbye, old Ofra! The beloved Florida-based beauty brand is going through a makeover. Soon, we'll be seeing a fresher and cleaner design. But before we completely say farewell to the classic look, the Old Ofra will have one last hurrah. Starting this month, until supplies last, you can buy two best-selling long lasting liquid lipsticks for the price of one at PHP850. This limited offer will be available at Ofra counters in premiere SM Department Stores, Watsons and Landmark Department Stores. You can also purchase various Ofra products at 50% off on Glamourbox PH and Ofra's official stores on Lazada and Shopee.

Queen Elizabeth II makes her first Instagram post

Everyone was surprised and amused when Queen Elizabeth II created her first Instagram post on the British royal family account. It was a snapshot of a letter written in 1843 by 19th-century inventor Charles Babbage addressed to her great-great-grandfather Prince Albert. In the letter, Babbage wrote about his work the "Analytical Machine," which is the foundation of modern computers. Queen Elizabeth II personally shared the post via an iPad at the Science Museum in London. 

Game of Thrones' final season trailer finally arrives

HBO dropped the Game of Thrones' final season trailer last 6 March and boy, oh, boy the internet is quaking. Just after eight hours of its release on YouTube, the video already has more than 12 million views and has quickly hiked to 27 million after 24 hours — this does not include views and re-shares on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The final battle scene was teased to be bigger than Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Battle of Helm's Deep, which was one of the grandest fantasy battle sequences within the last two decades.  

Kylie Jenner named youngest 'self-made' billionaire

Forbes announced that Kylie Jenner, 21, finally made the cut as the youngest self-made billionaire to date — and we can't even imagine how many lip kits have been sold to get to that number. The previous title-holder was Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who built his social media empire at 23. But many question the use of the term 'self-made' since we know Kylie's fame and the success of her makeup line can be attributed to her family's initial success on the reality TV front. But we want to know, who will take that crown next?

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