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As a fashion and beauty social content platform, it has been an incredible journey since we launched in 2011. Each year, we invite our most beloved Clozetters to join us for an afternoon of teatime delights and fun-packed activities. We also take the opportunity to catch up and share about exciting happenings in our community.

With the launch of our new look, there was no doubt that we wanted our community – the core of Clozette – to witness and celebrate this milestone with us. So over the weekend, we welcomed our stylish guests to step into their new Clozette at our Clozette Tea Party 2017.

Courtesy of our amazing partners, we prepared activities that provided all the primping essentials you’ll need in your Clozette. Etude House, GHD and QTTiE pampered guests with make-up, hair and nail makeovers to help them get ready for an Insta-worthy printout by Meitu. Guests were also treated to a jewellery showcase by ROOS 1835, and brought home fresh floral bouquets and calligraphy cards presented by CLEO and Lifetime Asia. Not to forget, prizes and take-home goodies thanks to CLEO, Crème Simon, Elyse & I, Etude House, Klarity, Qttie, Skin Inc, Too Faced, and Zalora!

Read on to see what went down at our Clozette Tea Party 2017.
Customising a floral bouquet by CLEO

Enjoying a pampering makeover at Etude House

Sporting a perfect blowout at GHD

Getting wise words of empowerment on print with calligraphy by Lifetime Asia

Getting the perfect shot with Meitu

Jewellery showcase by ROOS 1835

Gel manicure at QTTiE

Attractive giveaways for lucky winners

Big winner of the afternoon, Clara Song, brought home a pair of ROOS Diamond Earrings worth SGD1,600!

Take-home goodies courtesy of our partners: CLEO, Crème Simon, Elyse & I, Etude House, Klarity, Qttie, Skin Inc and Zalora


See our stylish Clozette Tea Party 2017 guests here!



Beyond the bright lights, the elevated catwalk, the glamorous hair and makeup, and the outstanding collections, one can't help but wonder what lies behind the scenes of a runway show. We imagine that it's just as fancy as what we see on the catwalk, so it comes as a surprise when we lift the veil and see actual human beings behind the illustrious displays.

It can seem a little ridiculous, to be fair, to expect anything more. But because we've been so exposed to seeing the amazing facade of a fashion show, just like Manila Fashion Festival, going behind the scenes felt ordinary — but that doesn't mean it's less beautiful. So we decided to share a fragment of our experience from beyond what the audience came to see. 

From the models to the designers to the stage directors, there was a certain rawness that exuded as soon as we entered the backstage. We tried as much as possible to blend in and not to be of inconvenience to anyone, trying to hide how overwhelming everything was. 

There were no fancy dressing rooms, no Hollywood-esque vanity mirrors; everyone was hustling to psych themselves for what was to become yet another important night in showcasing the craft and passion they all share. We see models chit-chatting and laughing, joking around to calm nerves, some even dancing to get 'in the zone', nothing curated or stoic in their expressions. 

Even in the grandest and most avant garde of garbs, you can still separate the person from the fabric, but as soon as the stage director called their attention to standby as they were to make their way into the eyes of the audience, they transformed, the air of professionalism and weeks of rehearsals written across their faces. 

We also got to briefly chat with one of the designers, Brit Tripudio, and we got a glimpse that beyond the magnificent display of pieces currently being showcased on the other side of the wall we were leaning in, anxiety, excitement, and overwhelming gratitude still overflows no matter how many runways and backstage preps he and his team have been in.

Overall, it turned out to be an amazing show. People clapped, cheered, and took home a feeling of awe. But knowing what we know now, the image of the imperfectly perfect image of what lies behind the catwalk is, without a doubt, as equally wondrous.


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Last Saturday, our stylish community gathered at our annual tea party get-together to celebrate the launch of our new look. Of course, our fashion and beauty lovin' crowd were all dressed up to the nines in shades of black, white, fuchsia and blush. Needless to say, our guests were ready to party, mingle and indulge in the fun activities we've prepared.

Whose look are we obsessed with, and who won best dressed? Keep scrolling to find out.

Left: Best Dressed Award winner Suhina (@LuxITGirl), Right: Smita de Souza (SmitaDeSouza)

Left: Star Clozetter Sarah Atiq (sarahatiq), Right: Winter Chee (winterchee)