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Clozette's Afternoon With Shu Uemura

An exclusive sneak peek of the latest from Shu Uemura

When it comes to great skin, it all boils down to an effective cleansing routine. And Shu Uemura just added another stellar product to their comprehensive line of cleansing oils. But not before a few select Clozette Ambassadors were given an exclusive sneak peek at the new blanc:chroma brightening & polishing gentle cleansing oil.  

Over tea and cookies, the girls enjoyed an intimate learning session with Shu Uemura’s Assistant Product Manager, Zi Hui Lim, who took them through the high points of the brand’s history, the story behind the cult-favourite cleansing oils (a bottle is sold every seven seconds worldwide!), Shu Uemura’s beauty philosophies and introduced their new cleansing oil.  

The latest addition, the blanc:chroma brightening & polishing gentle cleansing oil promises not only to cleanse stubborn makeup, including mascara, but to also gently exfoliate to remove dead skin and impurities with filtered, purified lava clay for a brighter, lighter complexion. This one-step cleansing routine leaves you feeling clean, refreshed and with a clear complexion.   

Zi Hui also took the opportunity to clear all misconceptions the girls may have had about cleansing oils, and called on their makeup artist to take them through a step-by- step demonstration on how to properly use cleansing oils for best results. The trick is to start with a dry face and dry hands, smooth the oil all over your face, emulsify with water and wash off. Easy peasy. 

While the beauty of these oils lies in the fact that each can be used by any skin type, it’s best to pick one that that suits your skin concerns. One by one, the girls illustrated the areas of concern with the help of a fun face chart and Zi Hui explained which oil would work best for their respective concerns. 

The girls then got to try the cleansing oils from the extensive line to experience the benefits of each first hand. From the premium A/I cleansing beauty oil, to the anti/oxi skin refining anti-dullness cleansing oil and the ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil to the blanc:chroma brightening & polishing gentle cleansing oil, they experienced the perks of using oil cleansers. 

It was a fun afternoon filled with beauty banter and the time to leave came too soon, but not before groufies and wefies! Thank you Shu Uemura for giving us Clozetters a truly beautiful afternoon. 

To see more, check out our video of the Shu Uemura x Clozette tea session here

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