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It looks like sovereignty and territorial issues surrounding China doesn't stop at government press conferences and rallies; it has also trickled down to the fashion industry. Fashion brands Coach, Versace, and Givenchy recently issued their respective apologies to China for what is said to be a defiance to the country's "One-China" policy, a mandate stating that despite the differences in the socio-political systems between each state, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan all still fall under one sovereign jurisdiction. 

Coach, Versace, Givenchy tour-shirts

Left:  Coach shirt showing Hong Kong and Taiwan as independent countries (source); Middle: Versace shirt showing Hong Kong and Macao as solo states  (source); Right: Givenchy shirt showing Hong Kong and Taiwan as sovereigns (source)

Despite being separate occasions, the three fashion labels all released tour shirt-inspired apparel naming Hong Kong and Macau as independent countries rather than special administrative states, and Taiwan as a renegade province status. Each brand has issued an apology on their respective social media platforms and claims to have retracted the items in question. Is this incident is more than what it seems?

Consumers call for boycott, celebrities severed ties

After the designs circulated and trended on the Chinese social media platform Weibo — causing an uproar there — many consumers call for a boycott against all three fashion houses. Many noted that at such a sensitive time for China, given Taiwan's continuous strain for severance and Hong Kong's ongoing rallies regarding the controversial legislation on extradition, making such a mishap seemingly undermining the One-China policy is indeed insensitive. It is worth noting, though, that the line of argument focuses on China being at the disadvantage more so than the states currently protesting against the Asian superpower.

Even Chinese celebrities and personalities who have worked or are presently working with the three fashion labels shared their two cents on the matter. Supermodel Liu Wen wrote on her Weibo account, "At any time, China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are inviolable!" She then went on to apologise for working with Coach and has shared that she is severing her ties to the brand. "I love my motherland and resolutely safeguards China's sovereignty," she added. Meanwhile, Givenchy ambassador and Chinese boy band member Jackson Yee also announced cutting his relationship with the fashion label. 

International reception

Despite the seemingly humble approach of Coach, Givenchy, and Versace in addressing the situation, not everyone was convinced by this quick response against a controversy. After all, it seems like the implications of the actions were made not in consideration of the current socio-political issues between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but rather made simply to appease the inarguably large consumer market of the mainland. 

Coach, Versace, Givenchy - celebrity and consumer outrage


HYPEBEAST writer Douglas Brundage wrote on Twitter that perhaps "cultural sensitivity only matters when it's a nationalistic superpower you're offending." Many news items also claim that the fashion labels' apologies dismiss the riots currently happening in Hong Kong simply by siding with China in this state of aggressive territorial unrest. International consumers have also shared their points on social media, saying that the three brands should be boycotted, not because of the t-shirt row they had with China, but rather for how easily they bent their will for the sake of potential profitability rather than rising above the issue to show support for the likes of Hong Kong and other territories uprising against China's rule. 

Coach, Versace, Givenchy - international reaction


Fashion brands at the palm of China

It's not the first time that fashion brands met with China's outrage, quickly followed by 'deeply apologetic' retraction statements. Just late last year, Dolce & Gabbana sparked controversy with a racially insensitive campaign, resulting in a mass boycott and a cancellation of their showcase in the East Asia country. Even Swarovski just recently released their own statement on a similar note, apologising to China for calling Hong Kong a 'country'.

Coach, Versace, Givenchy - Swarovski apology for China


On a business standpoint, it makes sense not to make a move against China considering their vast market influence. However, it is also clear why people from other nations consider the malleability of fashion houses when faced against this Asian giant a bit disappointing. Wherever you are on the issue of China's sovereignty and Hong Kong's uproar, this issue alone should be enough to make you rethink which brands you put your money and support's worth. 

(Cover photo from: @donatella_versace)

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Midi outfits are easy to style whether you're going to work, a family function or any party. In fact, it's one of the best garments to wear due to its length. With a slew of fashion icons sighted wearing this trend in public, it's safe to say that midi outfits are still dominating the industry. That includes the Clozette Community. Scroll away to curate ideas for your next outfit!

Street style chic

Street style chic
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Plain elegance

Plain elegance
(Photo from: MariaElaine)

Checkered casual

Checkered casual
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Color block

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Playful plaids
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Everyone has set their eyes on Gemma Chan since she starred in the television hit Humans and, of course, the much-loved Crazy Rich Asians movie. Why wouldn’t we? She steals every scene she’s in and slays every red carpet she walks. Now having appeared in historic film Mary, Queen of Scots and sci-fi superhero movie Captain Marvel, she’s rumoured to show her acting prowess once again in another upcoming Marvel film, The Eternals.  

The Eternals will be set millions of years ago focusing on cosmic beings called Celestials. Though she previously played Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel, it’s yet to be revealed whether or not she’ll play the same role in the 2020 film. If she ends up with a new character, it’ll be the first time a star plays two different roles in the iconic cinematic universe.

While waiting  for news on whether she’ll join the cast led by Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and Richard Madden, let’s look back at Gemma Chan’s greatest fashion moments so far. Divine cosmic being or not, she sure does know how to serve such powerful looks.

Throwback polkas

If anything, this just proves that Gemma’s great fashion taste was already present in her childhood. In this throwback to the ‘80s shot, she twins with her sister wearing polka dresses that are now resurfacing in the trends. 

Casual walks

Gemma shows us how to stylishly beat the heat with this striped tiered dress. She amps up the charm with the tied straps and layered necklaces, completing a subtly sweet look perfect for a casual sunny day out.

Sophisticated chilling

A sweater-pants combo would usually make a pretty plain outfit, but she takes it up a notch by choosing a snazzier pair of slacks. Who knew electric blue leather would be perfect with a pale yellow knit? Finally, she literally heightens up the chill ensemble with pointed bright blue stilettoes.

Suit up and relax

She made the impossible possible by making power dressing quite the relaxing affair. This soft and less structured blue suit paired with coloured sneakers somehow worked stunningly. It’s even more refreshing since Gemma Chan is usually spotted at events wearing a more structured and sleek combo. 

Preppy prints

Perhaps one of the best suit outfits, mainly because of the unique colours that power this number. The funky print gives us a retro vibe that stays between sophisticated and casual.

Cosmic disco

This Ralph & Russo number for Captain Marvel world premiere couldn’t be more perfect. The pleated asymmetrical blouse and slacks that were iridescently fringed helped her slay the cosmic red carpet.

Rich in pink

Finally, who would forget this lovely pink number Gemma Chan wore on her first Oscars attendance? The frilled collar and the tiered billowing tent gown was perfect with a simple updo. She really looked like a real-life Astrid Teo from the Crazy Rich Asians book trilogy. 

(Cover photo from: @gemma_chan)

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