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Here's Where To Get The Comfiest Bras

Only the best for your tatas

Ever since we hit puberty, we've been on an endless quest for bras that fit perfectly. Finding one that ticks all our requirements is a rare thing, so we often put up with pieces that give a less-than-stellar performance. There are many things that could go wrong: underwires stabbing you, straps that dent your shoulder, straps that always fall down, deformed cups and more. But we say no more! Our twins deserve only the best and comfiest bras. The key is knowing where to shop. Keep scrolling to discover the best bra brands on the market. 

Good size range: Wacoal

Hailed as Japan's leading creator of lingerie, Wacoal has been known for creating full-cup bras with a comfortable build. Most of their designs are in minimalistic feminine styles with a few having pretty, lace trims. They also have an extensive size range, which includes great options for plus-sized women (up to 44G). 

Luxurious: La Perla

La Perla has come a long way since it was founded in a small atelier by corset designer Ada Masotti back in the 1950s. Over the years, the brand has prided itself in the meticulous construction of its bras. Each piece is extremely detailed, with some bras comprising over 40 construction parts. The fabrics that are chosen —
which are both soft and sturdy — are of supreme quality. As you can expect, La Perla lingerie items are more expensive than average but most customers reported that the quality is worth the price.

For petites: The Little Bra Company

When it comes to buying bras, petite ladies are often overlooked in terms of sizing. Some cups are so awkwardly big, while others are uncomfortably tight. The Goldilocks in us just wants that perfect support for our little tatas. Enter The Little Bra Company, a brand dedicated to producing good bras for smaller frames. Awesome, right? The only drawback is that because it's based in California, deliveries may take time to reach our shores. 

For everyday wear: UNIQLO Wireless

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with wireless bras. They're really comfortable but usually lack ample support, especially if you're quite active in your day-to-day activities. But you'll find that UNIQLO's Wireless line is an exception. It firmly holds breasts in place despite the lack of wire and can even be worn to gym or yoga sessions.

Affordable option: Avon Intimates

Looking for an affordable option that is of good quality? Go for Avon Intimates. All of their items are reasonably priced so you can get as many pieces as you want and you still won't end up bankrupt. Even though they're affordable, the quality of the bras is really competitive. They also have many selections, ranging from full cups to t-shirt brassiere. 

Fun designs: Aerie

While we love the classic lace look, sometimes we want to shake things up and wear colourful intimate apparel. Aerie by American Eagle is good at creating fun and playful designs. Some bralettes are so cute and classy that you will want to showcase them under sheer clothing. Now that the warmer days are here, you might want to give it a try!

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