Travel Outfit Rules To Follow For The Ultimate Comfort Chic Look | Clozette

We seek comfort when we travel, but why dress shabbily when you can go for chic? Nobody said you can’t stay on top of your style game while making sure your comfort level is not sacrificed. So heed these tips and learn how you can get the best of both worlds.

Carry a jacket or cover-up

Woman wearing a floral kimono coordinates

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Planes are notoriously cold. Make sure you stay fashionably warm with the help of a chic cover-up. If you’re heading to a warm destination, choose one that isn’t overly thick or warm that for the chilly nights out.

Wear a comfortable top with breathable fabric

A graphic t-shirt

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There’s nothing you want more than ease of movement when you’re stuck on a plane for hours. Pick an outfit that doesn’t have an elaborate silhouette and that won’t constrict your movement. A cotton-jersey shirt is always a good option.

Opt for leggings instead of jeans

Woman wearing striped sweater and black high waist leggings

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You’ll want to be able to stretch and sit comfortably, so jeans are a no-go. A pair of leggings or jeggings is what you need. Make sure to choose one that doesn’t have a thin material, though, so you won’t get cold. If you’re not the type to wear leggings, a pair of wide-legged pants in a comfortable fabric can also do the trick!

Ditch the heels

White leather sneakers

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The airport runway could be your fashion runway – heels not required, and quite frankly, not advisable. Sneakers, ballet flats and espadrilles are just a few of the super-chic options you can choose from.





How do you elevate an outfit without going overboard? Make a statement with your accessories! One that complements both one's style and beauty look is a nice pair of earrings. The Community seems to share the same sentiment with these earpieces. 

Hoop me up

Woman wearing hoop earrings

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Subtle tassel

Woman wearing tassel  earrings

(Photo from: JacelynPhang)